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Garden Design Inspiration

Industrial Style Planter

Once you’ve got the plants and the garden furniture sorted, it’s easy to think that your garden is ready for Summer and up to Chelsea Flower Show standards with nothing else you can do to make it any better. Well I’ve got some news for you…it doesn’t have to stop there! Surprised aren’t you! Things […]

Garden Trends for 2018

Industrial Style Metal Planter

Inspired by the threat of warmer weather and lighter evenings, March is the time that many people start looking into planning their garden optimistically ready for the upcoming Summer. With websites and garden centres full to the brim of different plants, garden furniture, paving stones and so on, it can be hard to know where […]

How to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

red dining table

Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have rooms to equal those seen on Downton Abbey and the suchlike, where numerous sofas, occasional tables and rugs are placed throughout a room taking into consideration which antiques are going to be placed there, or whether one’s butler can navigate around them without dropping the tea tray. […]

Where to Buy Industrial Style Furniture

industrial style furniture

We sell industrial style furniture; anyone who has seen anything of our website or social media platforms will know that our range of coffee tables, console tables, dining tables, bistro tables, chairs and lighting fit into this category as if it was named for them. The industrial style theme is popular for many domestic and […]

The Home Bar for the Antisocial

Less and less people are visiting pubs and bars in the evenings now (data source: me, I moonlight as a barmaid) due to the rising costs of alcohol and possibly the current weather situation (snow. I didn’t want to mention it but it’s relevant right now). Having friends round for food and drink is one […]