All About Us

The Ironfire Concept

We believe in sustainability. For this reason, all of the wood in our tables is sourced from local, FSC certified, sustainable forests, and the steel that the frames are made from is galvanised to make it last. This means that Ironfire furniture has longevity and will not need to be replaced very often, if at all.Show More ▾

We believe in being open and upfront. Being accessible means that you can ask us as many questions as you like; we’re there to help and reassure at every step of the buying and production process. We know that a lot of thought goes into choosing furniture, and there can be an element of wariness about purchasing something that is both large and expensive online. For that reason, we stay in full communication with you at every step of the Ironfire sales journey.

We believe in affordability. We’ve cut out the middleman and only sell our furniture online, keeping everything from the design to the manufacture; sales to the delivery, in-house. Why should something that is handmade from quality products be expensive when it doesn’t need to be? By maintaining this form of retail, we keep our prices affordable.
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Design For Use

Industrial Style and Sustainable– From the start we set out to create a furniture range that was innovative, beautiful and intriguing all while maintaining our signature industrial style. Sustainability is as important to us as aesthetics which is why all wood that we use in the making of our furniture is sourced from local, sustainable, FSC certified forests. Our strong steel frameworks will last for years – so minimal waste for the planet and minimal replacement costs for you. Show More ▾

Endless Range of Finishes and Sizes– Our furniture is available in a wide range of colour ways, sizes and materials, allowing you to create a combination for your table or set that is unique to your personal style or location. If you change your mind, or your interior scheme, then simply contact us to create a new tabletop to fit onto your existing steel frame, or cushions for your chair.

Built to Last a Lifetime– Our galvanised steel frames are robust, strong and made to last a lifetime. Future generations will benefit from our thinking, with the advantage of still having the furniture to prove it.

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions– Ironfire furniture is versatile and can be designed for both inside and outside use. Whether you choose a classic oak or a coloured shou sugi ban finish, we’ll have something that will fit your style, brand or location and is fit for purpose.
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Our History

Ironfire is part of Ri Manufacturing. For over 25 years we have been the UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of Newspaper Security Storage and Display solutions. We’re an innovative and design led business and having identified a gap in the market for interesting and individual yet affordable furniture, came to the conclusion that we could provide a solution. Providing British made modular furniture that is thoughtfully designed as well as being fit for purpose became our goal.Show More ▾

The wide range of finishes that can be used both inside and outside, the personal customer service and the low prices…they are all added extras which we have now come to see as Ironfire fundamentals.

A small team of only 8 people based in the Wiltshire countryside, we also manufacture large format print and signage and are always looking to develop and improve our offering. Our latest achievement is bringing a flatbed printer into our processes, which allows us to print bespoke glass tops for our tables as seen within the bespoke page on our site. Furthering the research and development side of our business is always going to be part of us, so contact us if there is anything you have in mind that could benefit from the Ironfire and Ri touch.
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Our Reputation

For over 25 years we have worked with the large nationwide network of independent newsagents as well as ASDA; Sainsburys; M&S; TESCO: Lidl, Aldi, CO-OP and WH Smith as their recognised manufacturer and supplier of newspaper security storage and display solutions. Show More ▾

Our long-standing customers believe in Ri and Ironfire, and that is why you can trust in our furniture – made with the same core belief of strength, sustainability and products that are engineered for life. Unlike many other companies, our customers don’t return, for the simple reason that our products last for so long that they just have no need to.
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It’s who we are, not who we are trying to be.