Interior Bloggers That We Love

Interior Bloggers

We’re always looking for interior Blogger inspiration at IronFire.

both for styling shoots of our own products but also we’re taking an active interest in the interiors of our own homes. I can waste hours away flicking through Pinterest and Instagram for ideas but sometimes you find you need something to read alongside the beautiful images. Discovering the world of interior design bloggers – was something of an eye-opener for me, possibly because of my age I have missed out on that whole blogger/vlogger thing and find that the culture of influencers has bypassed me too. To have discovered that there is such a large network of interior bloggers who take the time out to write, photograph and post all about their lives and their homes leaves me wondering how they find the time to do anything else apart from putting the interior design blog together whilst ensuring that the area in their home they’re are taking photos of is tidy!

Not only for inspiration and ideas, interior bloggers have also given me another way to waste my evenings – browsing their sites. If you are looking for a good reason to ignore the washing up, boyfriend or football,

Here are our favourite Interior Bloggers from a selection of hundreds.

Let us know if you agree or there are any you think that I have missed that I need to check out!

Swoon Worthy

Kimberly who runs Swoon Worthy describes herself as an ‘unashamed maximalist” and describes her style as “Eclectic Boho Glam”. This makes itself very clear from the content of the blog with luxe golds and animal prints featuring throughout. The flow of the homepage especially is really enchanting and completely different from that of many interior bloggers who stick to the same theme, fonts and colours so this blog really is quite refreshing in that respect. Loads of advice is given, including how to achieve certain looks on smaller budgets. The transparency on this blog is also great – while there are affiliate links provided for shops and products, it is made clear that they are sponsored links and the items shown in these still fit in with the whole theme of the site. Honest, different and interesting – for us, 3 very important things!

HomeGirl London

For this blog, again, the initial attraction lay in the bold homepage layout and blocky fonts which make it stand out with confidence, and by no means squander in the mire of other blogs. Standing out for me are the “Shop Snoop” features in which she actually visits physical stores in London rather than just linking to products online. This makes Homegirl London more of a real person rather than just a face behind a screen in some way – even though there is no proper formal introduction as appears to be standard for bloggers. The ironic thing here being that there is a distinct lack of selfies or “blogger gazing into the distance” images which again is really refreshing, making the blog more interesting and informative rather than relying on how much she loves her cats. (Disclaimer: I am not insinuating that she does not love her cats; I’m not even aware if she owns any but I’m sure if she does then they are very well looked after). “Trends” and “Finds” are all included here along with places to shop and eat in London, all giving this blog a real air of authenticity, originality and rawness which we love.

My WareHouse Home

Industrial style interiors have always been at the forefront of our designs and products, and if this is the style for you then My Warehouse Home could be your perfect partner. Packed full of images of exposed brick walls, loft apartments and styling that will make you want to start stripping the plaster on the walls of your uninspiring semi away, this blog (as well as their website and magazine which we also recommend) is slightly dark but very fabulous. Don’t come here if you are looking for pastel pink walls that are not set off against rough timber or metalwork. This is the film star of the interior blogs if you like – one you gaze at with an open mouth and envious eyes but know you possibly won’t ever get close enough to touch with the envy inducing high ceilings in the amazing homes included. The warehouse home touches that you can give to your home featured in here however, can be the equivalent of that Johnny Depp poster on your wall. With features such as “Meet the Designer”, “Real Homes” and “Five of the Best”, there’s enough information here to keep you going for days. It’s a no-frills approach which could not fit the brief any better. A clear brand and voice throughout this blog and site makes this, for us, an absolute go-to.

Smart Style Interiors

Primarily an interior designer, in this blog Phoebe shares ideas and encouragement on how to develop your home for the better. The language is refreshing and enthusiastic and from reading one blog alone you are almost out the door with your Farrow and Ball paint chart to tart up your walls with bright colours that you have previously hidden from. Well written and with great images, this blog really feels like you are getting value for your reading time and it’s so nice to read a blog that isn’t full of sponsored links from people trying to convince you of how great their new ironing board is (#ad). This makes it genuine and you end up really liking Phoebe and her advice and ideas from which you get the sense that she just wants to help you brighten your home and not just sell you things that she claims to use in her own…60/30/10 rule anyone??

If these aren’t enough to keep you going throughout the next week or so of football games, you can, of course, always go through our back catalogue…..