Summer Interior Trends

Home Interior For Summer

Spending more time outside in the garden in the summer can often mean that the inside of your home can get neglected at this time of year. Buying sun loungers and deckchairs instead of cushions and throws does seem like a much more worthwhile investment what with the sunshine being so friendly at the moment however I know as much as anyone that we can’t take the sunshine in our country for granted!

Your home interior should’t let you down

Should the weather take a turn for the worse and you have to move those evenings of entertaining friends or simply sitting in your garden relaxing after work inside, make sure that your home interior doesn’t let you down. These style points are red hot for the summer of 2022 and will ensure that if you do have to run inside from the rain, you don’t have to worry about a drab and dingy home.


Replacing the copper and brass that has been so popular recently, and looking to be the key metallic for the Autumn and the Winter, get into pole position by starting to introduce touches of gold now. Sitting it against natural stone or wood can provide great tactile contrasts, while bold primary colours can complement gold really well whether being used on walls, floors or in textiles.

Wallpaper from gold wallpaper

Plantpot from H&M Wallpaper from

Mirror from Tikamoon Blue wall with gold mirror


What other shades say summer quite like these? Don’t stop at a wedge of lemon or lime in your gin and tonic – bring these into an interior to say fun, fresh and zesty.

These yellows, greens and oranges will bring warmth and brightness to any interior space, or again just an accent. If this is something that you want to do temporarily, use fresh flowers such as marigolds to achieve this.

Console Table From IronFire small console table

Image courtesy of Architectural Drawing Awesome citrus interiors

Radiator cover from Couture Cases citrus radiator cover


Lines, shapes and patterns can create an impression of order in any home, and the inclusion of geometric patterns in your interior can do this while adding an edge to a basic neutral palette.

If you’re brave enough, Farrow and Ball have a guide here on how to paint your floor in a stunning geometric pattern worthy enough to stop people from actually standing on but instead just stand and admire your handiwork. If however you don’t have the time or patience to create this effect yourself, there are plenty of patterned rugs available to achieve the same thing without the effort.

Rug from Zara Home Rug From Zara Home IronFire

And if you want to combine both citrus AND geometric on in one go….

Rug from Rugs Direct citrus geometric rug


Summer invokes thoughts of holidays and beaches, and decorative coral is a great way of giving that laid-back beach vibe to your home. Decorative and fresh enough to provide bathrooms with an updated touch; modern and funky enough to take place on a hallway console table or living room dresser, these spiky decorations are brilliant (but don’t even try to dust them effectively!).

Image from Digs Digs IronFire Interiors

Coral is, however, protected and the 8000 year old coral reef in English waters is a Marine Conservation Zone. As it is an endangered product, we therefore only recommend the purchase of coral that is made from resin, but looks just as stunning.