How to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Date:15th March 2018

Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have rooms to equal those seen on Downton Abbey and the suchlike, where numerous sofas, occasional tables and rugs are placed throughout a room taking into consideration which antiques are going to be placed there, or whether one’s butler can navigate around them without dropping the tea tray. Cosy (not small) living areas are probably more common than larger ones, where the space will want to be filled to an optimum to prevent overcrowding and a feeling of furniture claustrophobia. Space can be filled cleverly, meaning that the room can feel airy and open even if space is at a premium, it just takes a few clever ideas and arranging….


  1. De-clutter! My general rule of thumb is that if it hasn’t been used in the past year, it’s probably not going to be used again (unless it’s the Christmas decorations that are still sat in the corner of the living room in April). Clearing away useless things that don’t have a use or look nice is a great way of not only making the area seem bigger, but also gives you less to dust. (It is always worth, however, checking with other members of the family before you throw away what you think is a rock, but is actually a rock from outer space that has special powers and completes the special rock collection.)
  2. Use a colour palette that is light and neutral. Not neccessarily magnolia all the way, but going light on the colours like mushrooms, taupes and light egg blues.
  3. Include mirrors in your well decor – this will increase the natural light in your room and make it look more spacious (as well as being useful if you’re vain). Gallery walls of mirrors look fantastic, plus can help you cheat at cards (not recommended).
  4. Move furniture away from the walls to create a feeling of space, and try to get furniture that is on legs which will also help. Any furniture that is multi-purpose (such as a pouffe that can be used for storage also) will help you save space for that all important lego project.
  5. Be clever with your shelving – leave space on them (easy after your declutter as in point number 1), group the same coloured items together on them, and have the shelving high on the wall. All of these will help make your room feel more spacious. And can keep your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey away from your bookworm 8 year old.
  6. Colour pop your ceiling – this is a bit of a brave one, and one that I have seen on a house viewing that actually had a studded ceiling – but painting the ceiling a darker colour than the walls can elongate the room, again increasing the feeling of being larger than it is.
  7. Leave your windows bare of curtains, or get them to match the walls. I have blinds up at my living room windows and don’t miss curtains at all, even preferring the more naked modern look.


And if all of these really don’t help, just go unconventional – who said you need sofas in a living room anyway??

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