Delivery Information

Our mission is to bring you all the benefits that the internet promises but rarely delivers.

Truly personal service – if you buy at a shop you don’t deal with the people who design and make the product. With Ironfire you do. This means you can tailor our products to blend perfectly with your design ideas for your home and garden.

No couriers – We deliver door to door and make sure your order is assembled where you want it and our friendly staff leave it in perfect condition.

Amazing value – No retailer mark ups and no surprise costs added.

Easy things to promise and deliver? Here’s how we do it!

Lots of suppliers offer free delivery, but of course the price is simply hidden in the cost of the products. Your goods will have been loaded and unloaded at least 7 times by the time you receive it from a harassed guy with 50 drops a day. Damage is frequent and delivery only to your front door.

So, we have been searching for a way to provide a premium service but at a reasonable cost.

Our answer? To normally deliver directly to you ourselves, otherwise only by a trusted partner. We therefore assure you of a professional, friendly service that leavers your Ironfire assembled, where you want it and in perfect condition. We’ll remove any packaging after delivering, take it away and recycle it. A little touch, but we know these are the ones that count.

For this service, we charge £40 including VAT as standard throughout the UK so that outlying customers don’t pay more than our local ones. (Highland, Offshore and foreign deliveries are sadly subject to surcharges). That is the only extra we ever add to the quoted price of items and we keep it separate so we only charge it once, no matter how many items you order.

You can, of course, always collect from us (we’ll have the kettle on as you arrive!), or we’ll quote for a special delivery if you need your Ironfire quickly. We deliver all products within 8 weeks (that gives us time to build a viable delivery route) but usually dispatch orders within 2-3 weeks.

However please note, if there are steps or any other obstructions you will need to help (or have someone on hand to). Otherwise we will only be able to leave the delivery at the closest safe point that our driver can access. In principle we only deliver to a ground floor. We will however always try hard to meet your delivery needs which need to be fair, reasonable and safe. If you’re not sure, talk this through with us before a delivery.

We will agree a delivery date with you. (Please note: if a delivery fails for reasons not of our own causing then there may be a repeat delivery or storage charge).

Our products are custom made to order just for you and accordingly returns or exchanges will only be accepted in case of a serious manufacturing defect.

Your signature on our delivery note confirms that you are happy with your purchase, it has been received in good condition and in the finish you approved samples of throughout production.

If you can’t answer a delivery question from the information given above, there is more details in our Ts and Cs, or give us a call on 01985 878795 and we’ll be delighted to help.