Why Choose Us

IronFire Industrial Furniture was born out of our desire to create a range of contemporary and unique hand made high quality customisable pieces that are as individual and dynamic as our clients while maintaining affordability. If you’re looking for industrial style furniture for a living room, office, restaurant or kitchen then we have everything that can suit any need.

Handmade in our workshop in Wiltshire combining traditional methods with modern techniques, we set out to change the way you will think about furniture forever.

Our approach means that you never need to be constrained by trends or fashion; you can transform our furniture to meet almost any of the industrial metal design requirements that you could wish for.

Whether you select from our range of beautifully crafted table tops and finishes, or choose to create a totally unique piece of IronFire Industrial Furniture using our exclusive bespoke service, we guarantee you’ll never think about furniture the same way again.

We’re the most original and affordable industrial furniture suppliers in the United Kingdom; our furniture is suitable for any room of your home or your business and if you don’t like the colours or finishes that we offer, just ask and we can work with you to create bespoke industrial style furniture ideas to suit you.

Be individual, be creative, be bold, but above all, be more IronFire.