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Your garden is a place to relax, entertain and enjoy, and for that reason garden furniture can be a worthwhile investment to impress your guests and neighbours as those evenings around the BBQ go long on into the night.The beauty of Ironfire industrial furniture is not just in the colour and the pattern of the tabletops, but also in the adaptability which means it does not have to come under a label of ‘inside furniture’ or ‘outside furniture’. The perfect hybrid of weather resistance and functionality means that come those sunny afternoons, you can take your dining furniture out of the dining room and into the garden, assured that no matter how fast the weather may turn, your Ironfire furniture will not get ruined.Show More ▾

Likewise, if you want to keep your Ironfire industrial furniture outside all year round, it is happy to just stay there as the galvanised steel framework alongside the treated, shou sugi ban wooden table tops provide a resistance against pests, fire, UV light and the weather. Let us know at time of purchase if your table will be living outside, and we can ensure that a finish is applied to your table to add an extra level of protection.

The cushion covers for our garden chairs have undergone rigorous testing to ensure protection against water, UV and mould – simply select the ‘outdoor’ option at the checkout when purchasing your Ironfire industrial chairs and you will receive the hardy weatherproof cushions rather than the washable cotton cushions for our indoor dining chairs.

Every garden party needs light and heat, so complement your industrial garden furniture set with an Ironfire industrial planter and firepit. Set alone or together, they will not only add the finishing touches to the look of your garden but also bring light and heat to ensure that you don’t have to go inside when the sunshine does. It’s not a genuine al fresco party if it’s not an Ironfire al fresco party!
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