IronFire Burnt Wood Coffee Table in Avalon Interiors

Date:24th August 2017

Another week for IronFire sees another collaboration with a local business. This week, our Coffee Table went on an outing to Avalon Interiors in Frome; the home of Sarah Hayford and an Aladdin’s Cave of beautiful clocks, mirrors and all things interior.

Trying out a new finish for the first time, our Coffee Table was presented in it’s standard size (1400×900) with a table top that has been crafted in our workshop in Wiltshire using a Japanese burnt wood technique and our own style of hand finish.

We believe that we are one of the only furniture manufacturers in the country using burning techniques to produce furniture. The ancient technique of burning wood (in our case sustainably sourced Douglas fir) is traditionally used to preserve wood from rot and parasites and to increase it’s longevity. Ironically, it also increases the fire resistance of the wood.

Sarah took our hybrid table with it’s combination of Japanese and Wiltshire techniques, and made it into something even more beautiful – putting it into settings where it’s brilliance shone through with the backgrounds and items from her shop.

All products featured in these photos can be found in Avalon Interiors in the Westway Precinct in Frome, Somerset, or via her website.

Our industrial coffee table can be found on our products page; The burnt wood effect can be created individually – please email us for more information!





IronFire industrial coffee table with a shou sugi-ban finish


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