Location, location, location!

Date:7th February 2018

As an online furniture retailer, we understand that it can be hard to visualise how our furniture can look in a home environment, and we also believe that amazing shots of our furniture can be a really useful selling tool for us. Striking images of our products are really important to us, not only for our website but also for our social media and to help our customers see what we do as clearly as we do when we are designing and manufacturing our tables, chairs and other IronFire products.


A ‘hero’ shot that involves as many of our products as possible has been a goal of ours for a while now, and we have had to take into consideration many factors such as which products to include (our range of colours is so diverse that this has been a real sticking point for us!) and in which context to photograph them. Our current favourite option for the smaller products is the shou sugi-ban effect, which involves burning the wood to create a stunning finish, and has also proved popular with customers so far. This was then a definitive, as was the classic oak (shown on the left) which we also manufacture; a safer option than some of our reds and blues but again a favourite with us and our customers, as well as being one of the more versatile options allowing it to fit into many domestic and commercial environments.



With the colour sorted, we now needed a location. With our furniture being fundamentally industrial style, we wanted somewhere that fitted our branding and had ideas in our heads that featured an exposed brick wall especially. With requiring as much space as possible an issue also, we somewhat felt that sourcing a location was our holy grail!

Lots of Googling ensued but nothing was quite right…until our saviour came in the form of Sam’s Kitchen in Frome. An Edwardian building on Catherine Street, the downstairs is a busy bistro and cafe but upstairs..exposed brick walls, wooden floors, high ceilings and a huge window that lets in plenty of natural light all warmed through with a log burner – we truly hit the jackpot with the discovery of this space. Usually used by their customers as a perfect spot to relax on sofas with one of Sam’s famous hot chocolates, IronFire took over at the close of business and transformed the space into not only an IronFire living room, but an IronFire dining room also.


Sam’s Kitchen in its natural state!

Find them at 8 Stony Street, Frome.






Our furniture looked completely at home there; exactly how we all had envisioned a range shot looking which featured as many of our products as possible – as well as the virgin outing of an IronFire bench, the newest design to have come out of our workshop.

ironfire industrial furniture


We can’t thank Sam’s Kitchen enough for allowing us to use this space; we know firsthand from being here on our shoot just how welcoming they are, how relaxing the environment is and how great the food and the coffee is. We can’t recommend them enough – from one small local business to another we wanted to say thank you for the support!

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