The New Design

Ironfire's magnus dining table in black and white

Our Dining Table Redesigned

At Ironfire HQ we’ve been developing new pieces for 2022. Today we’re presenting our reimagined Dining Table. The same durability and striking looks but with a modern touch. Within our 7 Smart Furniture Ideas we describe our furniture as “innovative, industrial style… helps you stamp your own personality on your house and garden” this design is testament to that.

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Before we get into why, here are the logistics. The original legs (shown below) have been updated to minimalistic U-Shaped legs. Though our extra-large tables are perfect for large parties we moved the legs closer into the table top to allow for even more guests at your table. The table top has stayed the same. Why? The formula works. A bold black steel border + customisable size and colour of the wooden top = easily integrated industrial style. And finally, the specifications: our steel is galvanised, and black powder coated, made to be “heavy duty, robust and weatherproof” and our wood is either our durable water-resistant Oak or our specifically dried, primed and charred Douglas Fir (also water-resistant and available in almost any colour). Both full of character for your table.

Large Oak Steel Framed Dining Table
Image of dark burnt wood finish

Speaking of character this new design brings minimalism. It leaves more space underneath the table, more space means less clutter and thus the feeling of a bigger room. To amplify this even further we recommend pairing this design with one of our extra-large mirrors for the illusion of space. Not to mention the added benefits of more light, more appeal, and an easy way to make a statement. In 2022 creating open spacious statement areas  and cohesive interior in your house couldn’t be more of an easy way to fast track to a high end design look aswell as relevant as we’ve spent more time than ever at home. And as our world opens back up the trends have followed, shifting to the idea of a spacious feel to our home being continuous from inside to out.

Ironfire industrial style grey dining table or garden table with matching bench and chairs

It’s important to outline that our Dining Table can adapt to these trends of inside out and outside in. Thanks to its durability this table is easily adaptable into a garden table. The opportunity for you to have Ironfire furniture wherever you see fit is important to us, under a shelter, out in the open, in the sun house, on the patio and of course inside your home too. This new design stays true to this, remaining perfect for inside and out. But what’s new? Thanks to the lighter look our new design is in line with the elevated outdoor furniture trend. Not sure what that is? Elevated outdoor design is the idea that with us spending more time outdoors, our gardens or yards are becoming extensions of our interior requiring more sophisticated furniture. A trend that Ironfire has been prepared for from the get-go.

Ironfire Bistro Table in a designer garden

As well as Ironfire Traditional Japanese interior has also been in line with this idea before it became a trend. But Ironfire has even more links to Japanese inspired interior. The most obvious being our use of a preservation method inspired by Yaki Sugi. Yaki meaning heat with fire and Sugi being a type of Japanese coniferous tree. We quite literally heat coniferous wood (the Douglas fir) with fire to help preserve the wood. The science being that by charring the outside of the wood lightly,

carbonisation occurs making the wood waterproof (adding to the longevity) fire retardant and safer from insect infestations. However, our connections extend beyond Japanese techniques to the design of our new table. The refined look is in touch with the Japanese industrial modern trends. Described by Decoholic as “Simplicity, naturalness, elegance” but with an “emphasis on space, light, and airiness” which we believe is pretty close to what this Ironfire table strives for. They share the same benefits too, simple but sophisticated, easy to maintain etc.

We’ve spoken a lot about trends in this blog but being a sustainable company, we recognise what’s important isn’t bringing out new collections every season to be on trend it’s creating timeless furniture that lives on through each trend, staying modern but also classic. So, what makes us timeless? When we bring out new products, we keep our consistency with original products because we stay so close to our values. This ensures inclusion for our returning customers and plenty of options for the new. It’s an idea we have already touched on, cohesion for everyone available everywhere.

Most companies who prioritise a cohesive collection subsequently lose individuality, their customers have limited options to express their interior style through the product. Being a bespoke company, we believe in giving you as much control over your furniture as possible. You design it, we make it. Within Ironfire this translates to being able to choose between over 200+ colour for your tabletop, you’ve got plenty of size options and even the type of bolt we use can be customised. However, this table adds yet another bespoke feature. The beauty of this simple U-shaped leg is it can be turned 180 degrees to give a completely different style of table leg. Still minimalist, modern and sleek but with a bit of a different spin that may be better suited to your taste. A way for Ironfire to put another element of your furniture into your hands.

Ironfire’s new table isn’t just an exciting addition to our wide range of products, it’s a representation of our company’s values. Durable, lifelong, bespoke, innovative. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk about our furniture or your design ideas.