Shou Sugi-Ban Wood Furniture

Traditionally, Shou Sugi-Ban wood is used as the exterior cladding on buildings in Japan not just because of it’s pleasing aesthetics, but mainly because the burning process neutralises the cellulose in the wood therefore making the wood unattractive to the pests, bacteria and fungus that can cause wood to break down. Ironically, burning wood also makes it UV and fire resistant by adding a carbonized surface which adds a layer of protection to the woods durability.

We have taken the process and made it our own – combining the burning of the wood with hand rubbing and painting – to take advantage of the douglas fir’s natural grain structure and character. This creates table tops and finishes for our products that are stunning, while embracing the natural patterns in the wood. Shou sugi-ban furniture can be as unique as you want it to – a natural shou sugi-ban wood with just a varnish looks simply striking, or for something a bit different we can apply paints to the wood for a red, blue, green or white effect. If you can’t see what you want here, give us a call with your requirements or colour scheme and we can create something bespoke just for you.