Why Industrial Furniture?


Industrial style furniture has risen in popularity over recent years. The aim is to use reclaimed materials to build a spare New York loft apartment look.
So what actually is Industrial Furniture? A brief explanation might go. “Interior design inspired by old factories and industrial equipment translated into living spaces”. That would fail to catch the full sense of the movement though.
It’s also a reaction to disposable products. It stands for solid, lasting, repairable manufacture. Think of robust, solid Victorian equipment that is still working! It’s the concept of making something well, once and making it mendable. That is one of the best and most practical ways to achieve sustainability.
Country home, city apartment or office, industrial style works, which is part of its appeal. It’s clean lines and classic simplicity let it
blend with other styles. Industrial materials include steel, rust, weathered wood, exposed brick, lighting fixtures and concrete.
The look often matches iron and wood for a hard wearing but rustic finish that withstands a lot of use!
Industrial might feel more masculine than feminine as a style. But it can be used to create a great contrast and works well with fabrics.
Whilst born in factories and warehouses, industrial is happily at home, almost anywhere.
Ironfire tables have strong galvanised steel frames topped with sustainable Douglas fir wood.
Purpose built and designed, our furniture retains that warehouse look while being more suited to use than reclaimed and restyled furniture.which we either paint, or finish with a technique that combines our own handcrafting with the ancient Japanese process of burning wood also known as Shou Sugi-Ban.
Aspirational, adaptable and industrial; but also happy to be in any environment. That’s IronFire.

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