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All About Tables For Your Home From IronFire

Tables for Home

  The Best Tables for Your Home: From IronFire. No matter which room of your home you are currently in, I can pretty much guarantee that it will contain a table. A dining table in your kitchen or dining room. A coffee table or side table in your living room. A console table in your […]

Living and Lounging in a Sitting Room

Living room furniture

  How to design the perfect place to relax Living and Lounging in a Sitting Room   Mine is a living room, my Mum’s is a lounge and my Nan’s was always a sitting room. If you’re being literal all three are right as that’s what you do in them – live, sit and lounge. Well, […]

Why Industrial Furniture?

Industrial ironfire

Industrial style furniture has risen in popularity over recent years, with the trend for reclaimed materials and the New York loft apartment look really taking off. Whether a rural country home, modern apartment or commercial office, the look can be adaptable and fit in to any environment which explains its appeal. Predominantly, the look will […]

Yakisugi Industrial Coffee Table in Avalon

Industrial Yakisugi Coffee Table Another week for IronFire sees another collaboration with a local firm. This time our Industrial Yakisugi Coffee Table went on an outing to Avalon Interiors in Frome. Yakisugi is an old Japanese tradition of burning wood to protect against boring insects. Of course, Avalon is the home of Sarah Hayford and […]