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Garden Design Inspiration

Garden Design Inspiration

Garden Design Inspiration Ideas

Once you’ve got the plants and the garden table chair sets sorted, it’s easy to think that your garden is ready for Summer and up to Chelsea Flower Show standards! Is there nothing you can do better to improve your small garden design? Well I’ve got some news for you…it doesn’t have to stop there! Things like railings and gates can be overlooked in the planning of your garden, and sometimes updating these can add that finishing touch which you didn’t even realise you were missing. Patio tables and chairs from Ironfire will also complement the industrial tmetal theme and you can choose hundreds of different wooden top finish colours to create garden design inspiration

Not only can these increase the aesthetics of your garden but also be useful in the improvement of security and safety. As a mother of young children, the combination of ponds full of fish and frog spawn plus my children’s slightly feral natures put the fear of God into me when visiting a garden with large murky and deep water features. Makeshift pond guards just aren’t the right size of shape, and when the pond is a bit of Grandad’s pride and joy, he may take offence at suggestion about filling it in t. Bespoke pond guards can be inexpensive, attractive and also give mothers of mermaid inclined children that extra peace of mind.

Garden Design Inspiration

Keeping children out? Keeping children in? Gates and railings for both your own safety but also security from intruders can be an instrumental part of feeling safe at night, but also that the patio and garden furniture, koi carp and other treasures that your garden holds and you have worked hard for kept where they belong. Have a look at the FH Brundle website for loads of ideas about these. Whether you want your garden to be seen by Julie next door who thinks her roses are better than yours, or you want to keep prying eyes out for when the weather is right for topless sunbathing, all options are available. Combinations of timber and steel, but also security graded if you need to have them installed for insurance reasons, bespoke options means that you do not have to worry about them not fitting properly or settling for second best if you can’t decide on one style or another.

Garden Design Inspiration

Are you lucky enough to have a raised decking or patio area, or even balcony? Railings around these are an obvious buy, but they don’t have to be simply fencing or iron railings if you feel that these don’t fit in with the way that your home and small garden design are styled. Ornate, plain, rustic or modern = there are lots of options available. Glass panels can also look brilliant if you have a modern property, around the span of a balcony area with metal poles and handrails along the tops.

Garden Design Inspiration

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