Anti Spam Policy


The website owner forbids gathering of e-mail addresses or any other information from it’s website.

The owner does not allow anyone to obtain e-mail addresses or other information about its customers.

This website’s owner also forbids any attempt to damage, disable, or impair any aspect of it’s service. 

If the website’s owner notices improper use of it’s services, it may without notice, take such action it deems proper.

This includes blocking messages from a mail server or IP address.

The website’s owner may also delete any account which it believes is connected with e-mail that violates this policy.

Nothing in this policy infers a right to transmit e-mail to or from this website.

Failure to enforce this policy does not affect the rights of the website owner.

Unapproved use of this website breaking any terms may result in civil or criminal action against the sender and anyone helping them.

Anyone breaking the CAN SPAM Act may receive “cease and desist” orders or penalties of up to £11,000 per violation.

Criminal prosecution is possible in the case of serious offence.