Explore our 7 “Simple but Better” Ideas

The Ironfire Concept

We make innovative Industrial themed furniture and sell it direct to our clients.

You should be able to have it all, great choice, quality and service without big retail mark ups!

 We set out to design comfortable, beautiful, strong and sustainable furniture that you can order online confidently.

1) Bespoke is Standard

 Ironfire lets you add your own personality and style to your furniture.

 We can help you create a truly original and unique piece  from our wide range of materials, finishes and colours.

With Ironfire everything is bespoke and nothing is too much trouble, whether for a business or your home.

2) Robust, life-long furniture

 Ironfire is heavy duty, robust and weather proof. That’s why all our steel is galvanised and then powder coated.

We also treat all our wood against splitting, fading and movement with flexible, fade proof finishes. Even our bolts are specially treated!

Everything can be accidentally damaged and so all ironfire parts can be easily exchanged. We’ll be on hand to help too, if you need us.

We only make strong, sustainable products with straight pricing, no extras and a professional, personal service.

We aim that, sooner or later your children will argue over who gets your ironfire!

3) Perfect indoors or outside 

 Ironfire furniture is long lasting either indoors or outside.

Outdoors we create new ways for gardeners to blend garden furniture with their landscaping.

We also help people to party outdoors in comfort and style.

  Our easy fit covers and waterproof cushions keep garden furniture clean and dry and help you snatch every outdoor sun.

Indoors we help to make any room useable, flexible, stylish and welcoming!

Ironfire makes beautiful, unique and affordable rooms and gardens.

4) Sustainable British Luxury

 Sustainability and zero obsolescence are as important to us as style and function.

We only use UK sourced materials and no harmful VOCs, letting us celebrate everything British, whilst at the same time slashing shipping miles.

Most retailers, whether online or on the High Street don’t make anything and import most of their stock.

This means shops can’t supply spare parts or exchange table tops or replace cushion covers but Ironfire will always have spares.

Ironfire is also a great believer in update and repair.  Surely the best sustainability is – just make products that don’t wear out?

 Put more simply, if you make it, you should also be there to support it.

5) A company you can trust

Ironfire is part of Ri Manufacturing, who for over 25 years have been the leading UK manufacturer of Newspaper Security solutions.

Our customers not only include Waitrose and M&S but Morrison and Sainsbury’s, WH Smith and Aldi as well as Asda, Co-op and Lidl.

 Ironfire has all the same values that those longstanding clients trust in Ri.   www.rimanufacturing.com

Friendly, honest and down to earth, that’s how we would describe ourselves!  Read All About us here

6) Less cost but more quality

Ironfire is only sold on-line in order to cut out all the costs of distributors and retailers.

 That not only means we have low prices but it also allows us to talk directly with our customers.

We don’t see why furniture hand made from quality materials should be expensive.

 So, Ironfire stands for mass market prices but bespoke quality and service and all with no nasty surprises!

7) We make and we deliver too

 From placing your order right through to your delivery, we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way.

We deliver direct to your door and we don’t use couriers. That means we leave your order assembled, ready to use and exactly where you want it.

See our Fair Delivery policy here

To put it simply, we want you to get the service we would always hope for ourselves.