industrial style shelving & Flexible metal and wood shelves

Need more space, a big or small room divider bookcase or maybe you want to divide a room?

Ironfire metal and wooden shelves have the answers.

Modular and functional in so many colours and sizes, our industrial shelving ideas for living rooms, trade & commercial settings

Ironfire industrial style metal and wood shelving is modular, functional and available in a huge number of colours and sizes. Suitable for home, trade and commercial environments.

Whether you are looking to add more space with shelving units for living rooms or need to increase your library space by adding shelves for books on walls, we have the racking and shelving to suit. Perhaps you have a large, open plan room which you want to cordon off a small area, these room divider shelves are perfect!

Ironfire metal and wooden shelving has the answers. Maybe you have an empty space at the back of a room where you could have a few tiers of shelves, each at a different height to make a display to be proud of!

Our industrial shelving units for living rooms are ideal for matching with Ironfire coffee tables and dining tables. This will create a sophisticated industrial style interior theme. Alternatively, our metal and wood shelving complements existing rustic and modern furnishings. We design and manufacture made to measure racking in our full colour range.

Matching an existing colour scheme, interior or brand is simple when you work with us – we offer a consultative service providing bespoke options on all our furniture and have a range of over 200 colours giving you the flexibility to match, contrast or coordinate with your existing décor. Add more storage with shelving units for kitchens, making a feature of crockery or storage jars. Some other ideas for room divider shelves include adding to your utility room or making space for a home office that sits discreetly in the corner of a main room?

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Our racking and shelving is modular and available in multiple configurations and sizes, so contact us with your requirements and see what we can design and build for you to fit perfectly into your space. Whether you need small shelving for books on walls, shelving units for kitchens or just want to have industrial style metal and wood shelving in your man/woman cave! A great space for storing hobby crafts or bottles and glasses for more sociable occasions.

Storing your stuff and displaying it attractively is really on trend – we’ve made it really easy to order and affordable. We think you will get as many compliments about the industrial style shelves themselves as you will about the items on it!

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Metal and wood shelvng

Metal Bookshelf

Bespoke to Taste and Size

Wood Colour No 10

350mm Deep x 1200 Long x 5 Tiers High

Shelving units for kitchens


Painted Wood Shelving

Made to Order

Wood Rustic Oak

350mm Deep x 1400 Long x 4 Tiers high

Shelving units for living rooms


Painted wood & Metal

Room Divider

Wood Colour No 3

350mm Deep x 900 Long x 4 Tiers high

Room dividers with shelves


Ideas for room dividers

200+ Colour Choices

Iron-fire Pop Up Shop

Browse hundreds of colours & sizes for our sustainable wood and metal shelving

One of many benefits of buying online is – You’re talking directly to the people who make the product. That means you can tweak it and that you save the retailer profit margin.

Buying from us is easy and risk free. Read all about how we make it so easy here. Lots of choice can be off putting though, so we keep it simple.

Click Customise to see our 24 most popular finishes.You can select and size these in just 3 clicks.

If however our Popular colours don’t float your boat then:


what customers say about us


This furniture is beautiful

We ordered a coffee table and the largest rack they have built to date, and both pieces look absolutely amazing in our new front room. We were kept up to date with regular messages during the building including photos of the finished pieces before they shipped, we had to wait a little while for delivery, but we had to reschedule on them – they only deliver in batches to keep mileage and carbon footprint low which we loved! Phil helped me up the steep stairs with them partially dis-assembled. From start to finish we had our shelves in a no time at all. These pieces will last a life time and my wife and I are looking forward to enjoying them for a very long time.




No matter which side of the fence you were on, now the Brexit deal is done we have a chance to reassert the benefits of making things close to where they are going to be used and not shipping products around the world.Sustainability is a goal that all producers should aim for and the Ironfire way is a practical mix of making things from sustainable British materials that can last and last because they can easily be repaired and updated.

Ironfire shelving is modular and can be formatted to achieve all of these. All you do is choose the finish you want on your wooden shelving.

we use our modular sections and corner braces to make a framework as high, long and wide as you need and then we make wooden shelving which we finish as you choose!

We haven’t found a room where its clean, but strong design clashes yet! A lot of that is because your choice of shelf colour enables you to hone your shelving to the room.

Just tell us what you needand we’ll get on with it. You only pay for it’s manufacture – no retailer mark-ups and you get much wider choice!

Obviously we think it’s Ironfire but there are some good reasons why we think that we are worthy of your consideration. Price, strength, personalisation, service, looks …shall we go on?

We’ll be pleased to work with you to meet your brief at an affordable cost. All Ironfire furniture aims to be sustainable in the widest sense. To us that means using renewable materials in a way that means they don’t need to be discarded regularly and can be renewed and repaired.

For years people have been “knocking through”. That makes for more space and better light but sometimes there is a need for the best of both worlds and that’s where a room divider gives you so many more storage and display options. Open or closed back or a mixture. Tv, Hi Fi or office filing? Ironfire makes it all possible at a fraction of the cost of other bespoke systems.

Ask us for extra shelf backing or ends or wooden uprights to make trays and we will produce a unique solution to your requirements. Later, add and update components when you are ready.

Ironfire shelving is a modular system of very strong bolt together rails that has the flavour of industrial heritage whilst feeling thoroughly up to date. You can specify endless options to personalise colour and layout too.

Some systems on the market are eye wateringly expensive. Ironfire is made from standard components and is much more affordable whilst still giving you all the choice you could want!

Ironfire blends all of the organic warmth of wood with the strength of Metal uprights. We don’t make lightweight furniture but we do make adaptable furniture that we aim that your children will be fighting over long in the future.