Tortoiserie – Tortoise House Table

We are so happy we found Iron-fire’s website, after looking for so long, we just couldn’t find the right table to adapt to suit our tortoise Gracie.

We had a tortoise table but it was small and looked like an enclosure, we wanted a piece of furniture where we could have Gracie living in our space with us, that was large enough and comfortable for her. Andrew and Kiran immediately took up the challenge and went above and beyond to help us. We wanted to use the template of their console table as it gave enough height for a heat and light source and enough room to move around in, giving warm and cool areas. They researched and sourced all the materials and made sure they were tortoise friendly. They came up with the name Tortoiserie which we love! if we could give them 11 out of 10 we would!

Thank you so, so much, we absolutely will be in touch for a dining room table soon (just need to save a few pennies after the extension!).