Quality is getting something right first time, much like our approach to sustainability, make it once to last a lifetime, this offers the most ethical and  simplest route to less waste and most effective use of natural resources.

Everyone is concerned about the contribution Fast Furniture makes to climate change and the impact of the 22 million items being sent to landfill every year in the UK is appalling. Many eco warriors are telling you that you should be taking someone’s hideous throw-out into your home  – uggh

The solution is simple and available

Ironfire have been hand making gorgeous 100% recycleable and 100% repairable furniture for years. It’s not difficult and by selling direct it’s not expensive either.

It’s not a perfect science and we can always improve.

Our 7 Point Sustainable Approach

  1. Materials
  2. Toxins and Processes
  3. Fair supply chain
  4. Do no harm; do only good
  5. Minimal Waste
  6. Recycling
  7. Long life and Repairable
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  1. Iron-Fire Materials

We take a systemic approach to using and reusing materials more productively over their entire lifecycles.

Our Wood – We only use FSC accredited renewable certified high quality imported Whitewood (Spruce). Utilising a larger company with the capacity to optimise their 4000 vehicles through fleet management systems, who are introducing the UK’s first electric curtain-sided HGV and are actively trialling Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as a replacement fuel for diesel vehicles (reducing carbon by up to 90% for those vehicles), the longer term benefits to the development of more widespread ethical carbon reducing transportation methods are supported.

The timber company is at the cutting edge of Swedish sustainability and actively work. actively with local and global collaborations to contribute to, and drive sustainability issues; we felt that their ethos mirrored our own “Durability is not an extra layer. It must be present in everything we create, including both economic, ecological and social aspects. “

Our Steel – We only use galvanised steel that meets British Standard BS EN ISO 1461.   That means it will have the best protection against rust. We only deal with well established, reputable steel producers and merchants and order it cut to our specification. That reduces usage as well as making financial sense. Our metal components are all made on state of the art, energy efficient machines. All of our nuts and bolts  fixings are treated against rust.

Our Soft Materials – Material for our waterproof cushions is made especially for us in Holland by a family firm. We use a filling that is made from spun recycled plastic bottles and is mould and fire resistant.

  1. Toxins and Processing

The principles of Green Chemistry aim to develop less-hazardous products through safer methods that minimize harmful waste and exposure.

Our Coatings – We use water-based paints and avoid anything that contains Volatile Organic Compounds. The paints we use are Sourced in the UK but made in Italy. They provide a very high level of protection against fading and cracking outside. We use Fiddes Wax   because we are assured of its ingredients, quality and provenance.

Our deliveries & packaging – Where viable we always deliver ourselves. This enables us to avoid disposable packaging.

  1. Fair supply chain

A supply chain that is ethical, has transparency and accountability and offers workers fair rights and wages and is economically viable.

Our Suppliers – we carefully select and vet our suppliers; our supply sources comply with UK employment and trading laws. We only deal with well established, reputable steel producers and merchants.

Our Suppliers – we carefully select and vet our suppliers; UK supply sources comply with UK employment and trading laws. We only deal with well established, reputable steel producers and merchants.

4.Do No Harm and Do Only Good

The idea of conducting actions and making decisions that not only avoid negative impacts on the environment and society but actively contribute to the well-being and preservation of natural resources and social equity.

Our choices – Where we can make choices over products that may have an impact such as packing, we choose recycled and biodegradable where possible. We believe we are net zero and are working to quantify this – the target is net positive.

Our Community – Ironfire is hand-made in rural Wiltshire and any 3rd party manufacturing is done in the UK, supporting UK employment and industry.

  1. Minimal Waste

Reducing or eliminating the generation of harmful and persistent wastes, waste minimisation supports efforts to promote a more sustainable society.

Our Waste – We have very little in terms of waste products from our manufacturing process, all pieces are made to order; process have been designed to produce minimal waste, wood off cuts are reused for packaging wherever possible.

  1. Recycling

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. This concept often includes the recovery of energy from waste materials.

Start of life  ­­– everything within our process is recyclable, so anything not utilised is recycled, any final remnants of wood are incinerated to provide heating locally.

End of life – should the time come to discard your furniture rather than repair or sell on every element is recyclable.

  1. Long lasting and Repairable

The concept of a circular economy as a sustainable alternative to the linear economy, which follows the “take-make-dispose” pattern.

Long life – We manufacture responsible, sustainable, environmentally friendly items that properly maintained should last a life time.  We have successfully put our finishes through independent testing to simulate over 6  years of use outside without substantial degradation and we are waiting for final confirmation of the same achievement for.

All elements of the furniture can be replaced, (and the broken element recycled) or refashioned should tastes change

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