We can’t of course guarantee against accidental or any other damage once you have inspected and signed for your furniture when we deliver.

However we make our furniture so that any part, wooden or metal can be exchanged or adjusted very easily.

Our aim is to keep your ironfire in best condition with new parts if required or a new table top finish.

Metal Work & Fixings

We guarantee that metal components will not rust through for 5 years. If they do, we will send you a replacement FOC.


Covers and chair soft furnishings are guaranteed against fade and rip for 12 months in normal UK conditions. 


Wood is guaranteed against fading for 12 months and . We char many finishes which gives protection against boring insects and rot.


Finishes are guaranteed to not fade for 12 months but will last far longer outdoors if used with a cover. Our finishes are easily maintained with an application of our wood cream available on request.

All warranties are based on replacement of easy to change parts. 

All supply, warranties and guarantees are subject to Ironfire terms and conditions which are available here. We might ask for sight of items claimed for to ensure they have not been subject to accidental or purposeful damage.