An Ironfire coffee table is one of life essentials

Our British made large coffee tables, living room furniture designed by us, personalised by you.

Our Goldilocks solution

A great looking modern coffee table however is of course a personal choice. Some want striking coloured coffee tables as a statement in the middle of their room. Others want to complement their seating with natural wood finish coffee tables. Then again others want strong large square coffee tables to take lots of everyday use.

Our unusual coffee tables are exactly that! Lots of different sizes and decorative finishes for you to choose from to make your perfect, just right table. Order extra large coffee tables up to 1400mm square (thats over 4′ 6″).

Alternatively you can select small, large, narrow or large square coffee tables in all sorts of sizes. And, we’ve then over 200 Classic RAL colours for you to choose as well as 2 different fixing styles.

Whether a conservatory, lounge, sitting room, living room furniture or reception area, we make useable, beautiful furniture.


Shop the grey coffee table set that perfectly fit your style options. Our authentic white coffee tables accentuate your living room space wherever you may put them in. They can be a huge part of your everyday life as they can be used to serve coffee to your guests. Our red coffee tables and blue coffee tables will be a great match if you are looking for a colorful table to match your vibrant home decor. You can also explore our black coffee tables that are traditionally the first choice of our customers.

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We’re not just about fairy tale endings.

We make all British, unique coffee tables personalised to your choice.

Ironfire is a complete range of strong living room furniture. So you can build a suite of matching Ironfire furniture for a room to complement metal and wood coffee tables. It might be side tables or dark wood coffee tables or even white gloss coffee tables. Then choose if you want a 5mm toughened coffee table glass. See our range here to pick natural wood finish coffee tables or paint coloured coffee tables. The choice is yours and we’ll be glad to help you decide if you need extra large coffee tables, small side tables or natural wood finish coffee tables.

We believe in quality, lifelong, sustainable coffee tables

And our online only prices have no extras at the checkout apart from the delivery charge.

Ironfire luxury coffee tables with storage underneath are custom made to order. They have a galvanised steel frame finished with tough powder coating. Top quality workmanship and sustainable FSC certified British wooden table-tops means that our unusual coffee tables will last happily ever after!

Whatever your chosen finish – white gloss large coffee tables or dark wood coffee tables these metal and wood coffee tables are protected against hot cups and water stains and don’t fade easily. You can read about our product warranties here.

Our service is for life too.

We’ll be on hand to rework your Ironfire low coffee tables if you change your décor. We’ll also be there too with an easy to replace part if something gets damaged. We’ve been in business for 25 year and are proud of our trusted reputation.

All Ironfire unusual coffee tables come fully assembled unless otherwise arranged. They’re adaptable, solid and great too for high traffic areas such as bars, receptions, restaurants and waiting rooms! We can add all sorts of design stuff onto a large square coffee table glass top with easily changed window graphic material too. So let your imagination run riot.

See our prices, discover our range or please do contact us for more information and options. Choose printed glass or paint coloured coffee tables from over 200 classic colours.

Our industrial dining tables, low coffee tables, extra large coffee tables, side tables and other designs are long-lasting and strong.

Our custom finishes also mean that every single item we make is unique. Whether you place our industrial luxury coffee tables in a loft apartment, traditional countryside or city home, You can be sure they will be – just right!

We’re always there to help too and you’ll find it simple to personalise Ironfire for home or business. Adding a coffee table glass top or in fact, any other change can be done now or later – the choice is yours!

We only use strong galvanised steel and UK sourced wood.

In fact properly maintained, Ironfire metal and wood coffee tables last a lifetime.

We believe firmly that all products should be able to be repaired and refreshed throughout their life.

So, you can be sure that we’ll have spare parts and be there to update things as your taste changes!

We believe that things are more sustainable if you only have to make them once!

Ironfire, a world of choice

We try hard to use only British materials and there’s a huge range of sizes and finishes to choose from.

We’ve dining tables, side tables, console tables and occasional tables with chairs and benches for dining rooms.

In fact, you’ll see we have furniture for any sort of room, inside or out!

There’s low coffee tables for living rooms and console tables and also pedestal bistro tables for smaller spaces.

Choose a single piece of our industrial furniture or design an entire room – Ironfire complements almost any living room furniture style.

So, explore our products, learn all about us and discover what your home and garden are missing!

Ironfire is all about ideas and intriguing furniture.

We’re proudly British and have style, quality and customer service at our heart.

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Ironfire - Many styles, many finishes


Ironfire Two Frame Large Coffee Table

Colour: No. 3

1200 x 900 x 435 mm high

Industrial burnt wood finish

£477.80 Inc VAT



Ironfire Extra Large Coffee Table

Colour: No. 5

1400 x 1400 x 435 mm high

Bespoke industrial coffee table

£479.00 Inc VAT.



Ironfire Square Coffee Table

Colour: No. 14

900 x 900 x 435 mm high

Designer square coffee table with glass top

£368.55 Inc VAT.



Ironfire Top Frame Coffee Table

Rustic Oak

1200 x 1200 x 435 mm high

Industrial style coffee table glass

£549.55 Inc VAT.


You have a choice of fixings too...

Ironfire's Industrial Style Fixing


Ironfire Industrial Bolts



Ironfire Modern Discreet Fixings








It's So easy to Build your Own Ironfire Coffee Table

Browse A Multitude Of Coffee Tables.

So Many Finishes, Colours, Sizes & Options

One of the big advantages buying direct from Ironfire is –

You’re the Designer and can confidently buy online

We will make whatever version of our wood and metal coffee tables you want.

Lots of choice can be off putting though, we make it really straightforward.

Click Customise to see our 24 most popular finishes.

You can select your unique coffee tables and size them in just 3 clicks.

If however our popular colours don’t float your boat then see the colour choice link below…


200 Colours - LONG button


Still Can't see what you want? Call: 01985 878795 or Click here to email Us
Bespoke coffee house cafe lantern coffee table

What customers say about us

Ironfire have made us a beautiful glass, wood and iron coffee table that is much admired as well as being practical and easy to look after. These bespoke and unique tables are also very reasonably priced – the ease of choosing the size, colour and materials to fit the room is a fantastic advantage and we would highly recommend that you buy one too!

Lucy Cassels

Still Can't see what you want? Click here to contact Us

frequently asked questions

Where do I buy a square coffee table? make beautiful square coffee tables at affordable prices.

Does anyone make sustainable square coffee tables?

Ironfire square coffee tables are made in England from local materials.

I want a bespoke square coffee table?

Try Ironfire – we make lots of different sizes and unique finishes.

looking for a UK maker of square coffee tables?

Ironfire specialise in and rectangular and square coffee tables

Can I buy square coffee tables on line safely?

Ironfires directors have been in business for over 25 years supplying blue chip companies!

Do you make modern coffee tables?

Here at Ironfire we make modern coffee tables with an industrial twist.

Can you make an industrial style modern coffee table?

Ironfire makes every modern coffee table to order, uniquely!

How long lasting are your metal coffee tables?

Our wood and metal coffee tables are designed to outlast our customers and we keep spare parts in stock to repair any misadventure!

How strong are your metal coffee tables?

Ironfire don’t make lightweight furniture. Our metal coffe table frames are 2.5mm thick and galvanised for indoor or outdoor long life!

Does your metal coffee table have a wooden top?

Yes we make our thick Douglas Fir wooden coffee table tops in your preferred colours.

What wood do you make wooden coffee tables from?

Our wooden Coffee tables are made from Dopuglas Fir.

Where do I order large low coffee tables?

Good ones are really difficult to find but we specialize in making large low coffee tables. small side tables and everything inbetween too!

Most coffee tables are rectangular so where do I find a square coffee table?

Ironfire make both square and rectangular coffee tables and side table to enhance any living room.

Can you tell me where I can order a large square coffee table for a large room?

Drop us an email or call us up and we will help you order a beautiful large square coffee table.

Who makes the best large square coffee tables?

It’s very subjective who makes the best Large coffee tables but they are difficult to find and we are proud of our products at Ironfire.

Is it possible to buy an extra large square coffee table?

They are like hen’s teeth but when people find Ironfire then the answer is YES.

Is an extra large coffee table a good idea?

You spend a lot of time in your living room and a coffee table is an important hub around which your family congregate. Make sure that you have the right size for your room – not too big or too small.

Do your extra large coffee tables have a shelf underneath?

Yes all our extra large coffee tables have storage underneath.

are your large coffee tables ok with hot drinks?

Yes they should be fine but if in doubt use a coaster!

Are your large coffee tables water resistant?

yes they repel water and don’t stain when small amounts of liquid are spilt on them.

Do your extra large coffee tables protect against sun bleaching?

Nothing lasts forever but yes our finishes are UV resistant for years and all you have to do is apply a new coat to restore them.

Can you make me an extra large coffee table in red?

Yes we can make you a table in a pretty close match to any colour you choose. Yes we can make red coffee table, grey coffee table, black coffee table, white coffee table or whatever colour you choose.

How big are your coffee tables?

Up to 1400mm square.

Do all of your big coffee tables have shelves?

Yes all of our large coffee tables have a storage shelf.