Caring for Your Ironfire

 Our Sustainable Furniture Concept Is Simple

We design Ironfire to be maintained, repaired and renewed – for life!

Ironfire sources nearly everything here in the UK too, uses renewable materials and avoids toxic ingredients unless absolutely unavoidable.

We don’t make a big fuss about it because it’s the way things should be made, not boasted about.

Therefore we design everything so that all parts are easily replaceable. Then we keep parts available for when you might need them.

Everything Ironfire is galvanised steel so if you do get a scratch,  rust won’t spread.

We guarantee all steel against rust penetration  for 10 years (subject to reasonable usage). We can send you simple to use paint touch up kits too.

Finally, we refinish your table tops when your taste or decor changes and manufacture covers for all Tables, Benches and Chairs.

General Care

If using Ironfire outside, the easiest way to maintain it’s condition is to keep it covered when out of use.

We make simple and quick to fit covers for this purpose.

It’s a good idea and keeps your table clean as well as preventing acidic deposits and dirt harming the surfaces.

To clean your Ironfire, use a solution of warm, soapy water with a soft cloth. This should suffice on both metal work and timber tops.

Remove big build ups of finger marks and grease with a spray furniture polish.

All tables are primed and painted with premium UV resistant Sayerlack products. These are market leading but water based and so don’t use any harmful VOCs.

We then  hard lacquer all wooden surfaces so that hot cups etc do not leave rings.

Interior tables are polished for a richer sheen with natural wax, if this gets marked, simply re-apply polish and rebuff.

Please do ask us for replacement parts if a component is deeply scratched or suffers damage .

Steel Surfaces

Galvanised steel has a zinc coating that increases the durability of your furniture and prevents corrosion.

For light cleaning, simply wiping down the steel parts of your furniture with a damp cloth should remove dirt build up.

When needing a more intense clean, a soft brush and detergent should remove any dirt.

Timber finishes

Ironfire Industrial Furniture uses Douglas Fir.

This probably has the best mix of  sturdy durability and sustainability. It also provides interesting and attractive grain patterns.

For indoor use, we use a natural polish which gives a deep sheen. Maintain the natural finish with regular furniture polish.

For garden use, we finish the table tops with a very tough water based Lacquer to increase the longevity.

Using a wood worm treatment from time to time can make the Douglas Fir last even longer. Cleaning with a non-abrasive gentle detergent removes dirt.

We keep a record of all customer paint finishes. So for small repairs we can also supply a paint or powder coat match with instructions.

Because of variations in usage and environment it’s impossible to give an accurate indication of how long our finishes will last.

Sayerlack are currently undertaking accelerated life testing for us. When complete we expect it will confirm a six year anti fade warranty.

Any finish will need renewing at some point, of course. You can order a new top or return the old one for us to rework.

We also make it easy for you to disassemble the old top so that each plank can be individually repainted. See instructions here.

We can also send you some more of the original paint or recommend an alternative.

Cushion Cleaning

The material used for our garden cushions is UV stable but in time everything fades. So try and  keep cushions out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

We recommend you protect outside chairs with Ironfire covers to keep them clean and UV protected.

Ironfire outside cushions are sealed, not sewn. That makes them waterproof but not machine washable.

However they are stain resistant and water proof so a gentle scrub should remove any dirt.

We stock exchange cushion valves to replace damaged ones.

The material used for our indoor cushions is 100% cotton. It is therefore machine washable although tumble drying and dry cleaning should be avoided.

Plump regularly to maintain appearance and even distribution of filling and wear.Show Less ▴