Sustainable Furniture Design – Victorian Style

industrial style console table

Sustainable furniture inspired by the Victorians.  In Victoria’s reign the Industrial Revolution came of age and sustainable furniture design is one of it’s many legacies. Many significant innovations saw the light of day during this time. Trains, Cars, Telephones, Lightbulbs, X-Rays are among the many things we now see as ordinary. This gives an idea as […]

Lifestyle Concepts: 10 From Around The World You Should Know About!

Dining Tables For Your Home

10 Lifestyle Concepts From Around The World You Should Know About!  Ironfire believes that your home and style reflect who you are and what you stand for. There are loads of interesting and popular lifestyle concepts around. Our thinking about how we should design, make and deliver our furniture echoes many of these ideas. So, […]

Sustainable Wood: Why Its the Eco Friendly Choice for Furniture

blue dining table from above

  Sustainable Wood: Why It’s The Best Eco Friendly Resource For Furniture. We live in a world where most people want to do the right thing and to protect our environment. It’s the only way to ensure our world for future generations. Future proofing is a vital part of the quest for more sustainable modern […]

Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Entertaining Guests 2019

Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Entertaining Guests

A bright sunny day is the perfect excuse to throw an outdoor party and invite all your friends. Entertaining inside can be claustrophobic on a hot day, so why not let everybody enjoy the great outdoors? In this Blog, we have some great outdoor furniture ideas for your next garden party. You don’t need a […]

All About Tables For Your Home From IronFire

Tables for Home

  The Best Tables for Your Home: From IronFire. No matter which room of your home you are currently in, I can pretty much guarantee that it will contain a table. A dining table in your kitchen or dining room. A coffee table or side table in your living room. A console table in your […]

5 Types of Tables For Your Home Available at IronFire

Types of Tables For Home

It’s not easy to find high quality but affordable tables for your home. Whether for a living area or a dining room; there are so many types available. So, what is going to be the perfect choice for your home? A dining table, coffee table, side table, bistro or console table? We have a huge […]

The Sustainable Market

industrial style dining table close up

Facebook images of rubbish being washed up on beaches, the banning of microbeads in cosmetic products on the news, the disappearance of plastic bags from supermarkets (leading to you taking your shopping to your car in a basket if you’re like me and forget your reusable bags)…the issues that the world has with regards to […]

Inspired by the Sunshine!

So today my original blog idea has been thrown aside in favour of a more relevant subject, inspired purely by the beautiful sunshine and blue skies that we are seeing here in Wiltshire after what seems like endless months of rain and snow. I’m still on a garden furniture type roll, so this post is […]

Garden Design Inspiration

Industrial Style Planter

Once you’ve got the plants and the garden furniture sorted, it’s easy to think that your garden is ready for Summer and up to Chelsea Flower Show standards with nothing else you can do to make it any better. Well I’ve got some news for you…it doesn’t have to stop there! Surprised aren’t you! Things […]

Garden Trends for 2018

Industrial Style Metal Planter

Inspired by the threat of warmer weather and lighter evenings, March is the time that many people start looking into planning their garden optimistically ready for the upcoming Summer. With websites and garden centres full to the brim of different plants, garden furniture, paving stones and so on, it can be hard to know where […]