Industrial lights for ceilings

Modern industrial downlighters – Use singly or in clusters for ambience in lounges, hallways & stairwells.

Light is amazing… it brightens up the darkest of days, brings warmth and romances your soul but, how do I choose the right light? Bright lights make it easier to complete fiddly tasks whereas directional or mood lighting highlights areas and objects. Lighting is readily available but one of the most difficult challenges is choosing the right light to create the ambience you want in each room.


Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial style springs from factory, warehousing, and engineering buildings. The UK was the cradle of the Industrial revolution and its strong, simple, and heavyweight lines are part of our collective consciousness and built into Ironfire’s DNA.

Industrial style is a decorative trend inspired by industrial spaces and their stripped back minimalist construction.Metal and wood were important materials available to Victorians and have a natural appeal. When opting for an industrial interior you therefore, need to consider what you want to achieve, will you be exposing brick or stonework, stripping back floorboards, or just adding providing a “nod” to industrial style in your choice of furniture?

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Ironfire furniture is made with galvanised steel, powdered coated black, giving a robust, industrial feel to each item. When it comes to lighting, industrial styling can make a big contribution to the feel of a room. Originally designed to be functional, industrial style lighting with its exposed bulbs, metal shades and wire cages, which are some of the common features of industrial style lighting, unintentionally have created striking but simple lighting effects.

Ironfire industrial lighting is just so cosy. It’s mood lighting designed to warm up and highlight corners of a room or stairwell. It is made from black steel with a yellow internal finish.Yellow lights always add warmth to a room and when illuminated the “cut outs” give the impression of a tall, iconic, city skyline. It’s always good to enjoy this lighting effect and it is very satisfying to be sat at home relaxing, enjoying a cityscape without being at work!

Our Industrial Ceiling Lights

The use of metal and steel materials, along with dark colours, are the main features of industrial ceiling lights and, as a result, they fit into multiple interior designs. In fact, industrial ceiling lights work just as well in a traditionally styled home as they do in a contemporary building.An industrial ceiling light is a perfect addition to any home and will enhance your room in more than one way.

Chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts are just some examples of industrial ceiling lighting. There are almost endless choices for you. With a lower ceiling, however, we recommend flush mounts which enhance the illusion of space. For those with higher ceilings, a pendant or chandelier is a great way to include an industrial ceiling light into your home and add that industrial touch and modern industrial lighting provides a perfect combination of vintage and contemporary design. Modern industrial lighting has become a mainstay of commercial designs aiming for a stark, minimal is whilst delivering the high quality lighting effect we demand today. In the real world however, our choice at home is often dependent on the space we have and our budget. Industrial pendant lights offer the ideal mix of industrial design, modern functionality, and cost.

Our Pendant lights

Pendant lights are versatile and available in a variety of finishes. You could choose to install a large pendant to give you a focal point in your room and multi lights can beautifully illuminate a formal dining area. Ironfire industrial pendant lights can also serve as a centre piece, giving your room a contemporary look, or used to create a single pool of light in a corner.Some people even group them together to create clusters of chandelier type light… the possibilities are endless! We hope you will agree Ironfire industrial modern pendant lighting is perfectly suited to dining areas, hallways, and kitchens as well as commercial areas such as offices, waiting rooms and conference rooms.

Whilst it’s not Ironfire, for those looking for an industrial look with a playful element, you could choose an industrial pendant lamp with openwork lattice made of powdered coated steel combined with two-toned bowl shades in different combinations. For those who prefer a more refined look why not go for industrial pendant lights in lustrous metal finishes like aged brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze or blown glass. Lastly, for an ultramodern industrial look, choose a pendant with a shade that exposes the interior bulb and maybe hangs from a sturdy wrought iron chain. We hope, of course, you will fall in love with the Ironfire range!

When considering an industrial pendant light, we recommend bearing in mind the ceiling height and pitch. Spaces with vaulted ceilings can be difficult to illuminate and if you can’t find what you want, there are bespoke manufacturers you can find on the internet

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are a popular decorative lighting option that can be used anywhere in your home. The flexibility of these hanging lights is impressive and you can use them indoors but make sure you check they are suitable for outdoor use before installation. Hanging lamps are often suitable for odd corners and can add an attractive, quirky touch to modern homes.

With their antique look our Ironfire hanging lights are often used to highlight tables in restaurants and other hospitality environments. That allows for subdued, white, general lighting and a warm feel at the table. This adds elegance and charm to these spaces. This concept of highlighting specific areas is becoming popular to make people feel more comfortable and “at home” which of course, makes you stay longer.

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Designed and Built in UK

Our products are all designed and built in the UK, as far as possible from British materials. They therefore have extremely high standards of durability and sustainability.


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 Our aim at Ironfire is to deliver great products, sold direct to our clients at brilliant prices.


Please do browse our collection of modern lighting solutions and enhance your living room décor, beware though, you may get distracted by our coffee tables, console tables and other gorgeous furniture!

To sum up, our sleek modern industrial pendant style lighting is perfect for homes looking to highlight areas with warmth and sleek elegance. They work just as well, in offices, restaurants and bars that want to create a pool of light over a table. These lights are especially effective hanging above one of our Ironfire industrial style dining table or coffee tables creating that perfect loft apartment feel.

One of the things about Ironfire is that we are real people keen to chat with our customers so if you have any question, please just pick up the phone!

Warm mood lighting
Our Pendant City Lights

Ironfire modern pendant city lights are available in 3 sizes, the Maxi is an extra-large pendant light, followed by the Midi and the little Mini. All of our Ironfire lights are made of steel in the same way, in the same design but in different sizes.By adjusting the cable length, these designer lights for ceilings can be hung equally in a line, clustered in a level group or clustered at different heights, whatever takes your mood! If you want to create a cool effect, use a cool white bulb or, for something warmer, select warm white.

Our city lights are made from steel which means they are built to last and like all Ironfire products, parts can be exchanged simply to enhance their sustainability and longevity. We include a ceiling pendant bracket and matching cover box to make it simple to install.

Hanging lights in kitchens, Large

270mm Square x 570 High

Designer lights for ceilings

£99.00 Inc VAT.

Industrial pendant lights UK, Medium

180mm Square x 660 High

Small or extra large pendant lights

£89.00 Inc VAT.

Pendant lights in hallways, Small

90mm Square x 750 High

Or pendant lights for stairwells

£79.00 Inc VAT.

Designer lights for ceilings

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Everything in the Ironfire range is designed to match the rest of our family. For example our lights look great with our dining tables and Mirrors. We therefore have black finishes external finishes available as standard. Each light has an internal yellow finish that changes intensity dependent on your choice of warm or cool G10 Bulbs. We can produce the lights in different colours for orders of over 10 units.

We include a ceiling pendant bracket and matching cover box to make it simple to install and to hide wiring.

It’s always surprising us how people use the lights. They get put in clusters in a hallway stairwell in different sizes. Hung over tables in restaurants to make a cosy pool of warm light. Placed in corners of kitchens and living rooms and along hall walls!