How this Coffee Table can make your life easier…

Dark Stained Oak Coffee Table with Glass Above and Below
Dark Stained Oak Coffee Table with Glass Above and Below

…in less than 3 minutes

Ironfire’s coffee table is made for you, colour, size, and style. So you don’t have to keep endlessly searching. We bring the table to you.

Read on to learn more about our bespoke tables from day dot to delivery.

Hello again,

In our last blog we told you about one of our new products. A re-imagined dining table. But Ironfire isn’t only about creating new products. We’re also about refining classics like our coffee table to our customer’s requirements. That means two things; We aim to deliver personal, tailored customer service and a table right for you. One of the ways we can do this is by offering you choices.

The Ironfire Coffee table is the product which has undergone the most revision and innovation, to make a bespoke piece of furniture. We’ve made extra-large coffee tables and small coffee tables. Coffee table and tv stand sets. Coffee table and side table sets. We’ve matched tables to wallpaper, furniture, even farrow and ball paints, taking the work out of finding a match, making your life easier. In fact, one of ‘our 7 smart furniture ideas’ is to give you a unique piece of personal bespoke furniture. One of our most recent orders perfectly illustrates this.

Extra Large Glass Shelved Coffee Table with Stained English Oak

Chris and his partner ordered an infinity table. A popular variant of our classic coffee tables. They wanted a 900x1400mm table to match the aged oak in their beautiful period sitting room. Not only that but the bolts on our table could match the traditional ceiling beam’s metal studs. To co-ordinate the table to the room we needed to match the natural light oak of our boards to darker oak in a room that was almost 300 miles away. We love a challenge at Ironfire, so we put on our colour mixing hats and put our heads together. A bit of hubble bubble toil and trouble later we had a unique blend of different wood stains and a goldilocks solution – not too dark, not too light, just right? We hoped so, especially having made a match using only photos.

A couple of weeks later we’d finished the table. So, we wrapped it safely and loaded it into the van for delivery with the rest of a round for London and East Anglia. And so, the 6-hour journey to North Norfolk to meet the Wallers and Pennard the Labrador Retriever Cross with their table began. There were a few hours on the motorway, and winding A roads as well as some important stops. The first of which was an installation of a cabinet to an amazon store (for our other company RI). As we drove up the country all a sudden as we turned a corner, what had been fields and towns became the North Sea. Next stop (of course): had to be the seaside to stretch our legs out of the van and along the shore. Third stop: Chris’s house where Pennard and a wonderful house and garden greeted us.

Large Infinity Table with Glass Shelves
Map of norwich showing delivery area

One of the perks of the job is meeting our customers and putting a face to a name. Though it’s especially rewarding with those like Chris where we had worked with him through the process to get the colour as he wanted it. Thankfully our table was cohesive with their furniture, beam and flooring. Not only that but being an infinity table, the glass ensured the table could be in the centre but not intruding. Instead it complimented the light scandi feel to the room.

After a long day of delivering we went through great snoring and little snoring – yes, they are real places! Though we weren’t actually asleep at the wheel sometimes our big journeys can be longsome and tiring. But on days like these they are a pleasure.

In fact, it’s hard not to enjoy them; the sun shining, happy customers, a lovely dog and a brief view of the north sea.

Picture of the North Sea

At Ironfire, the journey of your table isn’t just it traveling up the M4. It starts when we talk to you about your ideas. Continuing as we cut the first piece of wood, all the way to putting together the finishing touches.

Photo of a road in Norwich

In the words of Chris and Shaun – “Thoroughly recommend Ironfire for something just a little extra special and bespoke to enhance home. Both really happy with new coffee table, and extra mile (literally!) taken by Andrew and team to fulfil what we are looking for. Thanks again, Chris, Shaun, plus Pennard “. We love the satisfaction of not only seeing but making your coffee table go from an idea to your sitting room. Only made possible because at Ironfire we do everything ourselves. Bespoke, personal and happy to help. Give us a call to chat about your coffee table.