Pleased to see that we have been quietly picking up awards this year!

Global Awards Winners Guide 2023/24 Luxury Furniture Retailer of the Year.

Southern Enterprise awards – Best Sustainable Home & outdoor Furniture Brand 2023
Build Magazine. Architecture Awards 2023 -Best Custom Industrial-Style Furniture Studio 2023 – South West England –

BUILD Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2023 Architecture Awards

We are never sure about the culture of Awards, and we certainly don’t put ourselves forward for them. But it also seems like being a bit backwards if we don’t tell anyone when we get one! In fact, this year, we have been awarded 3 and we should say thanks for the acknowledgement and recognition!

It’s a difficult balance; wanting to market yourselves, but at the same time being disdainful of boasting about the things we do, which is just, after all common sense.

Even when one is making best efforts we can always improve and besides we’re all avid consumers of the comforts we have been brought up to take for granted. There’s not really anything for any manufacturer to boast about and it’s easy to sit picking apart TV adverts crowing about some blue chip’s new found ecological awareness. Of course any improvement is a step forward, but In a global economy it is diffficult to make a meaningful personal contribution and only too easy to forget that the answer has to be lots of people changing their habits – just a bit.

It’s good too that people are starting to realise how much fast furniture contibutes to global warming. Fast furniture items are mass produced and shipped around the world, sold at budget prices allowing us to quickly and cheaply update our homes. We’re all becoming increasigly aware of the impact fast furniture has on global warming The impact, however, on global forests and landfill is horrendous and it’s estimated that, just in the UK, we throw away 22 million bits of furniture every year. That’s a lot of stuff that ends up in landfill and uses many toxins in the production of chipboard and synthetic fabrics, not to mention having being shipped around the globe.