indoors planters and stands or extra large garden planters?

Brighten your garden, deck or balcony

with our very large garden pots and planters.

Our Urban planters also cleverly become a firepit for garden evenings!

Do you want to add an industrial planter to your garden or patio area? Or perhaps you want to create extra impact in your garden with extra large planters for outside. Then again you might want to improve a paved or gravelled area with pots & planters! Whether you want planters for trees, urban planters or some statement piece pots and planters, Ironfire has the answer! We can even supply them in a variety of colours and metal finishes (standard colour black). These contemporary planters also make lovely indoors planters and stands.

Ironfire industrial style firepit

A Little Bit of Magic…

A Planter that becomes a Firepit!

Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” and here at Ironfire, we thoroughly agree. Developing your own landscaping style and then watching it grow brings a huge amount of satisfaction and achievement. We’d love to be part of your garden plans and make, we believe, the best garden planters.

Our aim is to help you enhance your home and garden with the flowers and plants you’ve always wanted. There are all sorts of gardens and a good planter is the flexible way to add a highlight in nearly any of them.

Adding flowers to your garden, not only brings pops of colour but frames an area for you to enjoy, whether it’s a shared space for the whole family or a secret corner, just for you to sit in and reflect. Spring is finally on its way and now is the perfect time to start planning and planting using our planters to add structure and style to your garden. Garden pots are a great way to start a garden without committing to final planting. They can be moved around and will give your home or garden a beautiful look without taking up much space.

Our extra large garden pots and planters, a new life to your garden

Our very large garden pots and planters can alternatively be used as a statement piece and are the ideal way to breathe new life into your garden, patio or balcony. Whether you choose to fill them with flowers, trees, vegetables, or herbs, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with them.

The planters can be used as a statement piece either side of your front door and filled with scented plants that will make you smile every time you walk past.You could also decide to fill it with herbs, bringing your kitchen garden closer. We have a very prolific Rosemary in our planter which I am trying to shape into a ball, it smells lovely, looks pretty and is in a handy position just to grab a few trimmings to add to a meal.

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Ironfire planters are 780mm tall so are great for bringing a contemporary feel to the space they are sited in.The planters are available in black at the moment, which works for many applications but we are always keen to try new colours so if you fancy, purple, green, silver red, or yellow just give us a call, we’d love to help!If you have a small garden area, adding our garden planters is the perfect way to save space whilst creating some height.Of course, garden planters make it easier for you to grow plants, which might not usually be available to you, due to your local soil conditions. Fill your planter with sandy, loamy, chalky, or peaty soil to grow the plants you thought were out of bounds.Gardening nurtures your soul and with that comes a real feeling of delight. We’d better move on here before someone starts talking about wind chimes and zen!

Our garden planters also can be used tobring the outside into your home, they have a modern, contemporary feel which suits most styles of décor. How lovely to have an extension of your garden inside your home, a single feature or a cluster of pots showcasing a variety of indoor plants. The options are endless, whether you choose variegated leaves, bright flowers, or trailing plants, all chosen to match or co-ordinate with your colour scheme. Studies have shown that indoor plants boost your mood, increase concentration, and help to reduce stress levels, something I think we all need a little help with sometimes.

We all love to feel we have had a “bit of a deal” and never more so than when we have a dual purpose item. Our firepits fit securely in the top of our metal garden planters to warm up a chilly evening, create ambience to your patio area or just because you fancy toasting marshmallows!Obviously, you wouldn’t want to put the firepit on top of your plants but if your plants are independently potted within the planter, they can be easily removed, and the fire bowl added to make your very own campfire.

Our firepits will fit perfectly in your garden

The firebowls are 445mmssquare at the top and 260mms square at the bottom. They are 200mmstall, welded on all seams. Like all Ironfire furniture, our garden planters are made here in Britain from3mm galvanised steel and powder coated. Our firepits will fit perfectly in the garden using little space without sacrificing the quality and decorative features you want in your garden.

Our firepits & garden planters makes your evening last longer

Ironfire firepits help to create a focal point at an outdoor event and bring a warm glow to the space.A firepit is a bit like a kitchen, where you’ll always find someone at a party. Let’s not forget how flattering the light is too!If you have a large area, you could double up with our extra-large garden firepit lighting up your garden all night while delivering a constant warmth. We love the idea of creating a Beauty and Beast flaming pathway from garden Planters and Firepits. Nobody has asked yet but we keep hoping!If this is what you decide, please let us have some photos and invite us to your party! Whichever way you choose to use your Firepit and Planters, whether for trees, shrubs or flames, it’s sure to make your evening last longer.

Providing you use our firepits with normal barbecue materials (such as wood and charcoal), they will not buckle under heat and carry our normal warranty. Over time their powder coating does wear off, so we recommend storing them under cover when not in regular use. They work just as well when not in Ironfire garden planters just placed on a floor or other flat surface. (Do make sure that any surface is safe, solid and fire-resistant though! We can’t be responsible for where and how you use your Firepit).

Have you had chance to look at the whole range of our garden furniture yet?We have a wide range of industrial style dining and bistro tables along with benches and chairs, all suitable for outside use. We can also make water resistant furniture covers to protect your Ironfire garden furniture.The covers are made by us, here in the UK, to fit your Ironfire furniture.Fitted with elastic tabs to secure, they are easy to slip on and off, taking advantage of every bit of sunshine our brief British summer offers.

Are you looking for a particular colour theme for your garden planters and firepits? We design them so they fit well into your garden or indoor space and are perfect for any occasion. We try to do everything in the process to ensure quality, service and sustainability. Everything we do is custom made to order. So, depending on your location and the product, our delivery time is between 2-6 weeks. We try hard to make the deliveries ourselves and in order to continue our ethos of sustainability, orders are collated and a “run” determined to ensure the most efficient delivery route.It doesn’t matter how many items you order, most Ironfire industrial furniture delivery costs are just £40. (* Some geographical surcharges may apply) Smaller items, like the covers, will be quoted on an individual basis as these are, of course, cheaper to dispatch. Also, we don’t need any excuse to put the kettle on so you are always welcome to collect from us, at no cost.

We have lots more information on Ironfire industrial furniture, please see our FAQs page. Otherwise, we’d be pleased to hear from you to answer any questions you may have.

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I love my garden planters. They look very good on my terrace and have been much admired.

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The planters are currently available in black but if you are looking to order more than 6, we can offer a wider range of colours. Silver, Azure, Bronze ….pretty much whatever you want?

The firebowl can be used on its own just by placing it on a flat, safe, solid and fire base. Resistant.

We do – just use charcoal and put a suitable grill tray over it when hot to cook on. It’s not big so it works well as a picnic barbecue too!

Yes it does. You can choose from 2 positions dependent on the planting you want to do. Choose the higher setting for smaller blooming plants and athe lower for ornamental shrubs. The shelf also has a series of drainage holes to avoid water logging.

Our large planters are all made from galvanised steel and then Powder coated. That gives them a very long life and means that if you do scratch a panel deeply then any rust will be limited to that damage. Don’t forget that like anything Ironfire all parts are available so you can simply unbolt and exchange anything that has been in the wars.