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Industrial style bistro table with turquoise top and complimentary cushions

Bistro Tables, A classic addition to a small space

Originating in the 19th century, bistro tables were first created to be used in small cafes across France and then across the rest of Europe. Although they were first created to be used as commercial tables, they are widely used in many residences nowadays. Bistro tables, therefore, come in various shapes and sizes. They can add an extra bit of uniqueness in your home and can also showcase creative space management.

blue bistro chair and fire pit

Co-ordinate our bistro tables and chairs to add colour to your home, garden or patio.

So as mundane as they sound, bistro tables can also be one-of-a-kind sometimes. This is especially true for our Ironfire unique design of these single central leg bistro tables. They have a focus on minimalism but at the same time maximize seating space. This makes them a perfect choice for the kitchen or outside garden. Bistro tables can therefore be a classic addition to a small space. Pair our bistro tables with our matching industrial twist chairs and give a fresh look to your home, garden, or patio. Cafe, kitchen, pub, these tables have lots of names but, we call our irofire impact, square industrial units as bistro tables. Whatever you choose to call them, they help to create enough space for all your family to sit down and enjoy eating or a cup of coffee while chatting. All in all, we are sure that they will provide your home with the set-piece you are looking for.


Our Outdoor Bistro Tables

Our bistro tables are just so flexible and help to make the most of any limited space.

Our bistro tables are just so flexible and help to make the most of any limited space. People even use our outdoor bistro tables on a balcony with minimal space. They are perfect for you to interact with your friends without needing a lot of room. Ironfire Bistro tables are also a really sensible solution for any type of hospitality business and they are very stable. 

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Our bistro-style tables are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. So choose a tablefinish that defines your family’s style and character. You can also consider adding our outdoor bistro-style table to a quiet corner outside your home so that it can be a great place to share the sunset with a friend.


Create space with CAFe tables

Ironfire large square bistro table

If efficiency, comfort, and flexibility are your priorities, then go for our cafe tables. They’re brilliant for coffee houses, restaurants, and as cafe tables and chairs. They are stable, strong, and don’t tip easily.

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They are also a great addition to your home helping create a warm and relaxing environment for you and your family. Add these fun cafe tables to your library or reception areas to allow people to socialize, study, work or just hang out. Ironfire their cafe table from metal, wood and powder coated, galvanised steel. If your table choices are limited due to space constraints, browse through our catalogue of small tables that are specially designed for this. They can be used in the same way as larger indoor and outdoor patio tables but with their smaller footprint means, they are a great fit in limited spaces. Our iron fire cafe tables are made to the same high quality as everything Ironfire, They also provide the same sustainability and environmental standards that you expect from us.

Patio tables for outdoor use

Ironfire grey bistro table with black frame in a cafe

Our weather-resistant and rust-proof patio tables are s designed for outdoor use. Selecting the right patio table makes a big difference to relax after a long day at work.

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Choose from any colour or make a selection of a larger patio table and complement that choice with some chairs—you can mix and match, it’s entirely up to you—and create an aesthetic garden that you’ll love. We have a wide variety of furniture that can be used for outdoor lounge and dining while offering great comfort and style. Our rust-free and water-resistant garden furniture products are designed to last for a longer time and help us in being more responsible for our environment and create a society that values sustainability.

Our restaurant bar tables

Ironfire Bistro Table in a designer garden

Refresh your decor style with our bar tables. Bar tables can save space and provide a great ambience in your bar, pubs etc. They fit well into all design concepts where the focus is on warm reception.

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They can find their practical application as a countertop to provide snacks in the bakeries. Likewise, they can also serve customers and patrons who are looking to enjoy themselves with a drink in a bar. High bar tables serve well in any kind of disco or club. In companies, bar tables find their uses in receiving guests – although their usage isn’t limited to that. Manage your space issues in an instant with this type of table and create a relaxed and casual interior environment. Among the various types of bar tables in use, restaurant bar tables are specific as they find their place in the foodservice industry exclusively. Restaurant bar tables help you save space and provide your customers with a pleasant experience. They help you save space and provide a suitable ambience in your bar, bistro, pub or the café. At Ironfire, you can put together table tops and bases for varieties of bar tables on an individual basis. We prioritize a stylish design which meets your wishes and requirements. In a nutshell, you can design tables that exactly fit your requirements.

Industrial Style Bistro Tables

Made from galvanised steel and sustainable wood, our industrial bistro tables are designed and made in the UK. Industrial style table design is another area of expertise of ours in which we focus on making trendy furniture by taking clues from old factories and industrial spaces.

These tables have smooth surfaces and a lot of metal in them. The used metal of the industrial style table is often black or even slightly rusted which gives your home decor style a vintage look. This is typically used for furniture that looks as if it came from a turn-of-the-century factory building.

Ironfire industrial style Bistro tables are perfect as a small patio table or small table for kitchen. Or take it outside on the patio? You don’t have to choose our industrial style chairs but they work well with our Bistro style tables.

small tables and chairs

Small garden table and chairs

Colour: No 8

Bistro table and chairs for outside

750 mm Wide  x 1000 Deep x 700 High


Bistro table and chairs

Natural Rust

Cafe table and chairs

750mm Wide x 750 Deep x 700 High


Small table for kitchen

Colour: Grey on Black No 12

Small tables and chairs for kitchen

750 mm Wide x 750 Deep x 700 High



What will you choose?

A burnt wood and coloured table-top? Maybe a more classic Oak top? If you don’t see enough choice you can always contact us. Then we can talk you through bespoke table-top options including colour matching and logo printing.

Looking for a particular table? Design bar tables, chairs and patio tables which fit into your interior design style and are perfect for any occasion. We try to do everything in the process to ensure quality, service and sustainability. Everything we do is custom made to order. So depending on your location and table-top finish our delivery time is between 2-8 weeks. Visit our FAQs page for more information on how we do things at Ironfire. Our industrial bistro tables are designed and made in the UK. Give us a call and we’ll help you find what you need. Delivery across the UK depends on where you are, check our fair delivery page to find out what you are eligible for. We try to do everything in the process to ensure quality, service and sustainability.

It's so easy to choose ironfire bistro tables

200+ Colour Choices

Ironfire Coffee Table Pyramid

So many finishes, colours & sizes

Online shopping for furniture offers lots of benefits:

Irresistible prices, handmade products you choose and personal service When you buy from us – You’re in charge!

So, our friendly team will make whatever cafe tables and chairs you want. Lots of choice can be a disincentive though, so we keep it really simple.

Click Customise to see our 24 most popular finishes. You can size and select small garden tables and chairs or a small table for kitchen in just 3 clicks.

If however our Popular colours are not what you are looking for then click the link below.


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They are called cafe tables, pub tables and all sorts of things but they are smaller tables that have a single central pillar to provide as little obstruction as possible to seating as many as possible.

Stability is the holy grail of pedestal tables and the larger the table top the more prone they are to tipping. We have worked long and hard however to make ironfire bistro tables very stable and on a flat base they perform admirably with almost no rock. We fit a heavy solidbase that is strengthened to minimise flexing.

No problem. Our normal warranties apply too!

We make two sizes 750 x 750mm and 1000 x 1000. We have tried making larger sizes but were not happy with the stability without a huge base. If you require a small table but slightly larger please call us as we can offer small tables with multiple legs that are still very practical for smaller spaces.

Lots of different names but yes they are all the same thing! They even get called Breakfast tables sometimes. I suppose many names just reflects many uses!

Yes they use the same strong components and construction with the exception that they have a strong, single pillar, central leg and load bearing base.

If you are looking for a unique, long lasting and solid table that is UK made then they offer outstanding value. That is however in a world where one of the big retailers probably offers something imported and disposable -for almost nothing!

Yes you can for indoor use but not for outside where we find that condensation build-up under the glass makes it impractical.