Industrial style large wall mirrors UK

Time to reflect? Cast your eyes over Ironfire’s black mirrors.

Full length, square or extra large wall mirrors? 

Available in multiple sizes, they feature our signature industrial style sleek black frame while the glass is strong Pilkington safety glass.The perfect partner to match the rest of your Ironfire furniture, or to add a subtle industrial hint to your existing interior, use them to add the impression of space and light to your rooms.

Our modern design and variety of sizes means your Ironfire mirror will be great in any room. Full length black mirrors, a couple of living room wall mirrors or maybe place some mirrors in dining room.

Why not add a boho feel to your room and use one of our extra large mirrors for walls as a leaner mirror? Leaned up against a wall as a bedroom mirror Ironfire’s black mirror have an industrial vibe that is pared back and elegant. They are however no lightweight, built to last and to stay solidly in place. This idea works using these rectangular mirrors for walls or as living room wall mirrors placed on the floor. All of our made in the large wall mirrors UK come in a variety of sizes and are easy to fit and clean. The glass in all of our decorative mirrors for walls are easily polished with a proprietary glass cleaner and the frames maintained with a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Ironfire decorative extra large mirrors for walls share their design theme with Ironfire dining tables and so a perfect accompaniment to match your Ironfire furniture.

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Ironfire is stylish but also sustainableand is made at affordable, direct prices.

So, now there is a real alternative to cheap imports shipped in from around the world!

Ironfire is also all about service and so we do the lot, from design through to delivery into your home.

We’re a friendly, professional team making beautiful, life-long products with no hidden costs or surprises.

We’ve got a long and trusted reputation and we love talking to and working with our customers.

Long-lasting, Eco Design with a Modern Industrial Twist.

Our extra large mirrors, large decorative mirrors, industrial mirrors, big wall mirrors and other designs are long-lasting and strong.

In fact, our custom finishes also mean that every single piece we make is unique.

Options include printed glass or a table top paint from over 200 classic colours.

We’re always there to help too and you’ll find it simple to personalise Ironfire for home or business.

We only use strong galvanised steel and UK sourced wood.

In fact properly maintained, Ironfire furniture lasts a lifetime.

We believe firmly that all products should be able to be repaired and refreshed throughout their life.

So, you can be sure that we’ll have spare parts and be there to update things as your taste changes!

We believe that things are more sustainable if you only have to make them once!

Ironfire, a world of choice

We try hard to use only British materials and there’s a huge range of sizes and finishes to choose from.

We’ve Dining, Side, Console and Occasional Tables with Chairs and Benches for Dining rooms in our range of extra large wall mirrors UK.

In fact, you’ll see we have furniture for any sort of room, inside or out!

There’s Coffee tables for living rooms and Console tables and also Pedestal Bistro tables for smaller spaces.

Choose a single piece of our industrial furniture or design an entire room as Ironfire works in almost any situation.

So, explore our products, learn all about us and discover what your home and garden are missing!

Ironfire is all about ideas and intriguing furniture.

We’re proudly British and we have style, quality and customer service at our heart.

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frequently asked questions

Do Ironfire make extra large mirrors?

Yes, we make mirrors up to 2 meters square.

Do your extra large wall mirrors match your industrial style tables?

They are made from matching components so they exactly complement Ironfire Bistro and dining tables.

Are your large wall mirrors UK made?

Nearly everything Ironfire is made in Britain from UK materials. We will gladly describe the few things we can’t obtain here and only use these if they make a real contribution to the life of our products and are therefore more sustainable.

Do you make small wall mirrors UK?

Our smallest mirror is 750mm square and often effectively get used in groups, both with the same and mixed sizes.

Can you use Ironfire large decorative mirrors outside?

Why not? All of our frames are made from thick galvanised steel and finished with architectural quality Powder coating and they are guaranteed against rust penetration for 10 years.

Why are small decorative mirrors so fashionable?

Placing mirrors around a room to catch light or interspersing them with pictures has been done for ages and is a great way to enhance light levels and break up areas.

Are all of your decorative mirrors UK finished in Black?

We don’t really get asked for other colours but do ask if you want us to look at this for you.

Are large decorative mirrors for dining rooms a good idea?

Every room is different of course but matching an Ironfire mirror with a dining table looks stunning in most rooms.

How huge are ironfire wall mirrors?

It becomes very slow and expensive to produce mirror glass larger than 2M square and to make the Rails to support it. It can be done but making them and delivering them would be a “huge” project in itself. As always, if you want something unusual, ask us and we will see if we can think of a viable solution that creates the effect you want.

Where does Ironfire industrial mirrors uk glass come from?

We have our glass toughened and mirrored in Bristol which means that it only has to travel around 40 miles to us.

What are large industrial mirrors?

These are mirrors with a theme that reflects British industrial heritage. That means that they have sharp, clean architectural lines without unnecessary ornamentation. It also means that although they have hints of Victorian engineering, they also feel contemporary and modern and the two themes allow them to fit, seamlessly, into most room settings.

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Full length black mirrors

Powder Coated Black Mirrors

See our range of square and rectangular mirrors for walls 

1000mm Wide  x 2000 high x 68 frame depth

£269 Inc VAT

It's So easy to select an Ironfire Mirror


Choosing a mirror is easy, find the space and choose the size.

We supply the fittings for easy hanging.

So, our friendly team will make whatever Ironfire version you want.

We’re proud of our easy online ordering and you can buy with confidence 

Whether you’re looking for rectangular mirrors for walls, living room wall mirrors, mirrors in dining room or full length black mirrors to lean against a wall.  You can select and size these in just 3 clicks.

Click Customise to see our mirror sizes.


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What customers say about us

Great product as advertised and more importantly a great team to deal with, from initial order and selection of finishes available to delivery in person with a thorough explanation of the product and manufacture. Excellent in all respects.

Nigel Deimbacher

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