That means - better quality, service , choice & price


At first sight buying furniture from the internet might seem risky.

After all you can’t touch it and inspect it before you buy it?

You are of course always welcome to drop in to Ironfire HQ and do just that.
But even if you can’t visit there’s plenty of reassurance in our process.
We make pieces to your unique order so we don’t offer sale or return but:-
  • We send you pictures of your order for approval before we deliver.
  • You get to inspect the item in detail for quality when we deliver to you.
As a company we have been making things for 25 years and we stand behind what we make.
You will not be buying from a retailer who often knows little about the product. With Ironfire you talk to the people who made your item.
And we can tell you where all our materials originated.
When you need a part, upgrade or some advice you won’t have to cope with “we stopped selling that years ago”.
We should have the items you need in stock and we enjoy hearing from clients.
We believe in making sustainable products and to us that means make it once and make it strong enough to last.
It also means using materials that are not shipped round the world or are not unduly contribute to global warming.
In fact, with the exception of our waterproof cushion material and their special hydrophobic valves everything Ironfire is sourced in the UK.
When you buy on the High Street you have no relationship with the manufacturer. Everyone at Ironfire is available to give you a much better service and to ensure we personalise your product just as you want.
At the same time we don’t want to be like the unwelcome waiter that keeps appearing at your table to ask if you are happy. We’re just there when you want us.
We know not everyone will like what we do as we didn’t set out to be bland and ordinary.
But if you do choose us then we want it to be a simple and very satisfying experience.
Our reviews are our reputation so please do look at them.
It’s awkward to nag customers to leave a Trust Pilot review and often those who are most pleased don’t get round to it.
We are proud of our reviews though and hope they will give you confidence in our service.
Something we have also tried to ensure in this website is to keep hype and ad speak out of our content.
We hope you won’t find anything overblown or too flowery in our descriptions.
We try and be keep our language matter of fact and straightforward.
Ironfire set out to supply contemporary, unique, high quality Industrial feel furniture.
At the same time we wanted to cut the margins that the High Street has to charge to survive.
That margin also of course increases the amount of VAT you pay a retailer.
At the same time when you buy from a shop you usually get a very limited choice of size and finish.
With Ironfire when you’re looking for a specific feel or accent then we help you Personalise our designs.
Hand-made in Wiltshire we combine traditional and modern manufacture to change the way you think about buying furniture.
Our approach means that you are not limited by trends or fashion.
We work hard to ensure that too much choice is not off-putting.
So, pretty much everything can be selected with a max of 4 clicks.
You can choose from our range of popular table tops finishes or choose from a huge range of RAL colours. This allows you to create a unique piece of Industrial feel Furniture. We hope that using our bespoke service will expand your options to furnish and design a room.

Whatever you are looking to achieve we can work with you to create bespoke furniture to meet your needs.

what our clients say about us

This furniture is beautiful!

We ordered a coffee table and the largest rack they have built to date, and both pieces look absolutely amazing in our new front room. We were kept up to date with regular messages during the building including photos of the finished pieces before they shipped, we had to wait a little while for delivery, but we had to reschedule on them – they only deliver in batches to keep mileage and carbon footprint low which we loved! Phil helped me up the steep stairs with them partially dis-assembled. From start to finish we had our shelves in a no time at all. These pieces will last a life time and my wife and I are looking forward to enjoying them for a very long time.