Outdoor Furniture Ideas 2022

Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Entertaining Guests

A bright sunny day is the perfect excuse to throw an outdoor party and invite all your friends. Entertaining inside can be claustrophobic on a hot day, so why not let everybody enjoy the great outdoors? In this Blog, we have some great outdoor furniture ideas for your next garden party. You don’t need a big budget to furnish your garden stylishly and it’s very similar to buying indoor furniture.

4 Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Entertaining Guests

When you’re outside however, you don’t have to worry about a chair not matching your curtains! The main things that you do need to focus on are looks, comfort and weather resistance. Here’s some ideas to help you achieve that:

A Comfortable Wooden Bench Can Make Your Garden Look Magical

A comfortable wooden bench can make your garden look magical

Benches are number one on our list of perfect outdoor furniture ideas. Sited anywhere in your garden they don’t take up much space but have a big impact. Put a bench in the corner on its own or with an garden dining table so that everyone can eat together as one big family. Your guests can then choose how close or far apart they want to sit with each other!

A bench doesn’t have to look quaint and traditional as if you’re sitting feeding ducks in the park. You can order a customised, bespoke Ironfire Industrial bench with unique and modern colours. These sturdy benches are real statement pieces! They even seem to entice people to pose on them for social media snaps.

Ironfire also lets you choose if you want a back to your bench. A dining bench with an angled backrest is more comfortable and a bit safer. Very useful if someone has a few too many drinks and needs to lean back to emphasize the punchline in a joke. A bench without a back is easier for access though, which is why Ironfire gives you both choices to suit your needs.

Unlike plastic chairs, benches can be securely bolted down to stop them flying away, like Mary Poppins in a storm. Our benches are constructed from long-lasting, sustainable British materials. They can have optional covers for extra rain and snow protection.

Create a Hypnotic Flame Effect With an Outdoor Fire Pit

Create a hypnotic flame effect with an outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit is a fantastic addition to your garden or patio. It creates a focal point for guests to sit around and keep warm. Nothing beats the warming blaze of a real fire, it’s a true crowd pleaser and creates a romantic ambience. Our portable, solid, steel fire pits can stand on their own, or sit in a sleek and elegant planter at table height. This way, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up ash afterwards or burning any grass.

A fire pit acts as a heater to make chilly guests feel warm and cosy. They’re a huge hit with any crowd and help to extend an evening as it gets cooler. People love to sit around fire pits roasting marshmallows in summer but also in a huddle while stargazing in winter. A fire pit is pretty much a must have for throwing a memorable party.

Ironfire Dining Tables are Fit for a Feast

Ironfire dining tables are fit for a feast

A solid wood table is both durable and stylish for hosting garden dinner parties. It has a long-lasting chunky build to withstand all the harsh elements that the UK’s weather will throw at it. Rain, wind or UV rays are all protected against. There are even a range of weatherproof covers available to keep them clean. Ironfire dining tables are affordable, contemporary garden furniture designs with an industrial theme. They are environmentally sustainable and built for long life. With loads of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can easily find the right sized table for you.

Now you really can have Dark Grey garden Furniture (as shown in the picture above). You can also have Pink, Blue, Red, Green or any other paint colour You can then accommodate all your guests for a mouth-watering barbie. The all British hand-made design is elegant and beautiful. Ironfire tables also let you customise and make your own unique piece. You don’t need to use a table cloth as you won’t want to hide the painted, burnt or distressed finishes. The toughness of the finishing keeps everything looking good too. Pick the colour of the table to match the chairs, benches, or even your favourite party dress. The choice is yours.

Create Comfortable Feature Settings Around the Garden

Outdoor Furniture Ideas 4: Create comfortable feature settings around the garden

As well as benches, you can use Ironfire chairs to create many different seating areas around your garden. Cheap plastic chairs get damaged easily or blow away with a strong wind. They’re also not very sustainable or planet friendly. Most of the Rattan chairs that are fashionable right now are plastic coated too.

Few of them are comfortable enough for both dining and relaxing in. Chairs should have snug cushions for you to sit on all day long. Nobody wants to carry cushions in and out of storage every time you snatch some sunshine either. Ironfire make covers for most of their outside range to help keep them clean and dry!

Ironfire take a very different approach. Our cushions are truly waterproof and can live outside. They need to stay clean and dry though. So we make covers for these super comfy, chunky heavy weight Ironfire chairs too!

We also use UV resistant cushion cover materials to withstand the strongest rays of the sun. These stylish multipurpose chairs work perfectly indoors as well.

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