Comfortable indoors and garden chairs from Ironfire.

Indoor And Garden Chairs From Ironfire.

Ironfire indoor and garden chairs are industrial but contemporary and modern, the perfect partner for our Bistro and Dining Tables.  

They are heavyweight, sustainable and long-lasting, yet ergonomic and designed for maximum comfort and durability.

That makes them perfect for both home and commercial use.

When we started to design Ironfire we wanted to provide an alternative to the established ways we all tend to select furniture.  Usually having chosen a dining table we then select some chairs to stand like soldiers on sentry duty around them. Then you put the lot into a room that you very rarely use, because the feel is too formal for day to day life.

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Ironfire Chairs – Indoors

We seek to create indoor furniture that makes a dining room, living room, hall or kitchen a welcoming place. Somewhere you are comfortable to eat in but can also relax back into afterwards. Indoors and garden chairs that double as cosy upholstered armchairs.

The same thinking goes for everything else Ironfire. Solid, beautiful, unique pieces, finished to your choice at unbelievable prices and delivered by us to you.

As far as possible of our furniture is made from UK produced renewable materials without using harmful VOC’s. See a list of things we have to source from outside of the UK (and why) here!  A big part of our sustainability philosophy is “make it once and  so it can be easily repaired and refreshed”. Therefore, once you are an Ironfire customer you also get our ongoing support and supply of spare parts and replacement table tops and cushions.

Ironfire Chairs – Outdoors.

Our indoor and garden chairs are built from galvanised steel and are sprayed with architectural quality powder coating. They have glide surfaces where they touch the floor to prevent damage. Whether you use them in your home or your garden, we build them to last.

We also thought that our cushions should be available either totally waterproof or in washable cotton with plump cushioning. That means that you can use Ironfire chairs outside as well. If you order our Chairs for outside they will have our cushions that are completely waterproof, UV, fire proof and mould resistant. That means you can leave them outside 365 without having to drag our comfortable but substantial cushions into storage every time you want to grab that rare bit of British sun!

Our waterproof cushions are interesting and all our own design.

We use a special waterproof material which still feels and looks attractive, unlike many others. We seal all of the seams so there are no tiny stitch holes for water to enter. A cushion that doesn’t let air in and out would be an uncomfortable disaster. That’s why other manufacturers only claim weather resistant for their cushions. We take a different approach and fit a valve that allows air in and out but not water. So, you can pour water on them and the insides will stay dry! Sit on them though and they act like a normal fabric covered cushion and are really comfortable compared to the normal thin foam of an outside chair.

Even though totally waterproof that doesn’t prevent rain water sitting on them and bird and other mess being deposited. So we also make (yes we make them) chair covers that fit snugly over your chair. That keeps them ready and waiting for you to use with minimum fuss. The cost – £29 per chair cover and all our prices include VAT!

So, it’s your choice! Either be conventional and match the tabletop colour to your cushions or be bold and mix your colours up!

Indoor Cushions are available in six colours and outdoor cushions in 3 colours.

Dimensions of chairs: 620w x 520d x 790h (back) 650h (front)

Don’t fancy Chairs? We also make Benches too!

Benches for the kitchen and garden are now a popular choice for around a dining table, allowing flexibility on the number of people sitting on them. Our benches have an angled back rest to give a more relaxed form of support. Additional feet on the bottom of the legs means that the bench does not easily tilt or fall. The bench can be finished in the same colours as our tables, so match your bench to your table finish or go for something different to create a statement.

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