All About Us

Our History

Ironfire is part of Ri Manufacturing Ltd.

For 25 years we’ve been the UK’s leading manufacturer of Newspaper Security Storage and Display solutions.

Our longstanding customers include ASDA and Sainsburys and M&S and TESCO and Lidl and Aldi and CO-OP and Morrison and Bunzl and Menzies Distribution and WH Smith and Connect Group.

That’s not to mention Burberry, Bally, Waitrose, One-Stop, McColls and a host of independent Retailers, Caterers and Schools.

Our long-standing national retail customers trust us to meet their complicated and varied supply guidelines.

We make strong products engineered for long service life.

That’s why you can trust Ironfire furniture, it’s made by the same people with the same passion for quality, value and service.

About us

We’re a small team based in the Wiltshire countryside but we supply and install our products nationally.

We also manufacture large format print and signage with in-house graphics design.

If you see newspapers being delivered they’re probably being carried in our Bags and Trolleys too!

Our latest acquisition is a high volume flatbed printer which means we can now print bespoke glass tops for Ironfire (see the bespoke page) .

 Research and Development is a key part of our DNA  and we are always working on projects both for clients and our own products.

Plastics, metals, electronics, IT, mechanical, we love ideas so do contact us if there is any way we might help you.

Our Team

As a management team we are more interested in results than acronyms and everyone contributes to our performance and ideas.Show More ▾

Founder Andrew Knight has been designing products for more years than he cares to remember but maintains undimmed enthusiasm for new ideas.

Kiran Poolman has administered the company’s operations for 15 years ensuring that we meet the expectations of our customers large and small.

Phil Overton is our head of Brand development, sales and marketing and all strokey beard thinking.

Kelly Vaughan Watkins bosses our online activities with creative verve.

Kev Rowitt and Dom Starling respectively are our production and print and Graphics leads.

Matt Green and Andy Wareing are the Ironfire experts in wood finishes and soft furnishings.

We also have a wide range of freelance expertise, manufacturing and IT partners that we draw on.

The Ironfire Concept.

We’re a design led business and couldn’t resist the challenge to innovate in the highly competitive furniture market.

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Historically furniture has been sold in big retail outlets that need to apply big margins.

the other end of the spectrum are craft companies making highly skilled one offs.

Surely the internet could let customers work directly with makers to obtain unique, high quality products without high prices?

Based on this simple thought we developed our 7 points for better furniture buying which have become the Ironfire manifesto. See it here.

From the start we set out to create a furniture range that was innovative, beautiful and intriguing all while maintaining a signature industrial style.

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We believe in zero obsolescence.

Sustainability is as important to us as aesthetics and the most successful route is to make something once close to home.

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So all of the wood in our tables is sourced FSC certified, sustainable forests in the UK.

Our metal frames are fabricated from heavy duty galvanised steel and they’re extremely strong.

This means that Ironfire furniture is bulletproof and truly can last a lifetime.

All parts are easily replaceable to further extend their life and we offer a refreshment service, should your taste change.

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We believe in service.

Ask as many questions as you like, we’re always there to help at every step of the buying and production process.

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A lot of thought goes into your choice of furniture, and everyone is wary about purchasing something Online that is large and expensive. For that reason, we keep in touch at every step of your Ironfire  journey to make sure you are happy.

And because we deliver ourselves we make sure that you are happy with the goods before you sign for them.

You are very welcome to visit us too – we’re not far from Stonehenge!Show Less ▴

We believe in affordability.

Out with all middlemen adding cost without service! We only sell our furniture online, and make and deliver everything ourselves.Show More ▾

Why should something that is handmade from quality materials be expensive? Look at our prices to see it doesn’t!Show Less ▴

An endless Range of Finishes and Sizes.

Our furniture is available in a wide range of colour ways, sizes and materials.

This allows you to create a design for your a table and chair set unique to your personal style or location.Show More ▾

If you change your mind, or your interior scheme, then simply contact us to create a new tabletop  or cushions for your chair.

Indoor and Out door Solutions.

Ironfire furniture is versatile and is designed for both inside and outside use.

Whether you choose a classic oak or a coloured burnt wood finish, we’ll have something that will fit your needs. Show Less ▴

It’s just who we are, not something we are trying to be.