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5 Types of Tables For Your Home Available at IronFire

Types of Tables For Home

Types of Tables For Home

It’s not easy to find high quality but affordable tables for your home. Whether for a living area or a dining room; there are so many types available.

So, what is going to be the perfect choice for your home?

A dining table, coffee table, side table, bistro or console table? We have a huge range of beautiful Industrial inspired home furniture here at IronFire. Read on and we’ll tell you all about you the five types of tables in our range!

Types of Tables For Your Home

IronFire makes tables that you can specify in a huge range of colours. Our tables are extremely versatile pieces of furniture. They are long lasting and can be used inside and outdoors. We make everything here in the UK, using only sustainable materials. Then we deliver to you directly from us. To give you an idea of which tables you should consider getting, here are the five main types of tables from IronFire:

Bistro Tables For The Home

Bistro Tables For The Home
See All of Our Bistro Tables Here

A Bistro table has one central leg and is sometimes called a pedestal table. It allows more people to sit around it so it’s an idea solution for the smaller area. Ironfire Bistro, pedestal tables are very stable. You’ll find them in restaurants and bars and saving space in smaller homes! Our Bistro tables come in a lot of designs and have an individual, contemporary crossed with industrial theme.

These beautiful bistro tables will add a touch of elegance and rustic appeal to your home. Rectangular or square bistro tables come in three sizes, with multiple options of finishes and colours. There are over 200 colours, so you’re sure to discover what style suits your home’s interior style.

Ironfire also offers excellent quality bistro tables suitable for any Outdoor area with long lived UV stable finishes. Whether it be for the patio or outside small dining areas these will fit into your garden perfectly. Don’t to forget to look at our Chairs, planters and firepits too!

Coffee Tables For Your Home

Coffee tables are just a generic name that has stuck for years. Our tables aren’t solely for coffee but are side tables and low tables that make any living room more homely and practical. you can, of course, place your coffee and other plants, decorations or trinkets on their top and they have a shelf for books and magazines etc.

These tables are 435mm tall and you can choose from many square or rectangular sizes, though other manufacturers make round coffee tables too!

Once you have chosen your Coffee table then why not also chose matching or complimentary side tables to go next to your settee or to put your TV and devices on? You can also choose higher 800mm tables from our Console range as required.

What makes IronFire’s range of coffee tables an amazing buy is its mix of strength and beauty. These industrial-style coffee tables last forever complement many types of seating and make a fantastic statement piece to make warm and natural living areas.

There are so many different size and decorative finishes you can choose from with an IronFire coffee table. We give you the freedom to get exactly what you want so let us make you a truly unique piece that we promise you will think is totally amazing.

Console Tables For Your Home

Console Tables For Your Home
See All of Our Console Tables Here

Console tables are beautiful tables that can be used as a hall table or a side table for your dining table or perhaps even a table for your favorite Gins. We have made them for a huge range of uses both indoors and out and they are a perfect place for decor items and accessories. They work particularly well under one of our mirrors too.

Console tables traditionally are narrow tables that stand against a wall but IronFire makes them so much more. That means you can order them from 350mm to 2400mm square and lots of sizes in between. It just depends how you want your room to look.

Once you know your size then choose your colours and decorative effect and then if you want a toughened glass top, or not? The choice is all yours!

Console tables from IronFire are made with quality materials, and we believe that a piece of IronFire should last forever, so we keep all easy replace parts in stock and if you ever want to change your table top colours – no problem. Just let us know.

Furthermore, they have less expensive prices so you can save up for other furniture while still getting a good console table to use and admire at the house.

Dining Tables For Your Home

Dining Tables For Your Home
See All of Our Dining Tables Here

Traditionally people choose a table for their dining room and then put a lot of upright chairs around it. It’s not comfortable and it’s hardly ever used. IronFire changes all of that. Our industrial and contemporary twist tables come in lots of sizes and endless colours and finishes.

We make it simple to choose something that blends in with your dining room décor and to create a room you’ll want to enjoy and eat in. Paired with our comfortable chairs that are designed for both dining and then chilling out with friends and family we are all about memorable meals!

IronFire makes unique wooden table tops with various finishes. Each table top has the individual patterns of whirls and knots so one table is never the same from another.

Oak finishes offer a gorgeous traditional finish, whilst burnt Douglas Fir colour options and effects make your dining table look bold and truly the centre of attention!

Made of sustainably sourced British products your guests will love your unique statement piece Whether it’s outdoors or indoor dining, you know IronFire’s dining tables can last and last whilst maintaining their fresh, natural looks.

Garden Tables For Home

Garden Tables For Home
See All of Our Garden Tables Here

We know that your garden furniture is just as important as your inside furniture. You want your entire environment to look beautiful. IronFire can be used outside as well and paired with our custom-made quick-change covers will last for a very long time.

Now you can take advantage as soon as the sun comes out with attractive, comfortable garden tables and chairs that complement your planting.

IronFire is therefore the perfect way to complement your garden. Not only beautiful and elegant but weatherproof and low maintenance. Pubs and restaurants choose our garden tables for their robustness as well as their style.

Wrapping It Up

Shopping for furniture online doesn’t need to be risky as long as you do the right research. IronFire offer a wide range of products that complement each other o help our customers out in getting what they want for their home at irresistible prices.

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when purchasing tables and other furniture online? Then do comment below, your thoughts are much appreciated!